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Route planning

rick694rick694 Posts: 33
Just wondering what website, or software? you guys are using to plan your training rides?


  • I sometimes use google street view if its a weird turn that looks odd on the map so I can visually check what I'm meant to be seeing. Find I remember it perfectly compared to maps - lets face it - 90% of any ride doesn't need a map there's just a few places you can get lost in.
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  • rick694rick694 Posts: 33
    Nice one, thanks guys.
  • mudslingermudslinger Posts: 237
    Used to be (good for MTB as it shows bridleways) but I have recently started to use which I find very good.
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  • vorsprungvorsprung Posts: 1,953 is good for finding a route between places where you don't know the roads. It has a by "cycle" option
  • psiturbopsiturbo Posts: 64
    I dont know if it is the same for UK...
  • doyler78doyler78 Posts: 1,951
    psiturbo wrote:
    I dont know if it is the same for UK...

    It's the same but my problem with the current version (beta is great) is that the elevation profiles are so smoothed that they are useless. It looks like I live in Holland where the reality is that I live in very rolling terrain with lots of small very sharp hills none of which is reflected in the profiles. Having said that I use it store routes.
  • ScottiePScottieP Posts: 599
    +1 for bikehike. I plan all my rides with it.
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  • Butterd2Butterd2 Posts: 937
    Mapmyride works for me, I think they are all pretty much the same basic package anyway.
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  • bikehike. but you cant save routes anymore :(

    I use google maps streetview to check out new roads first
  • apreadingapreading Posts: 4,535
    Do any other (apart from bikehike) use OS maps?

    Cant plan a ride without them unless you are a roadie...

    The OSMCycle Maps would be a second best option but do any of them use those?
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