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Tacx Satori VS Flow

LightningLightning Posts: 360
I'm going to buy a turbo for interval training on rainy days. I searched around and there's no KK, cycleops, etc dealers on my country so I basically have to choose between these two Tacx models:

Tacx Satori - 200€ - just the turbo.
Tacx Flow - 300€ - turbo + front wheel support + small computer with HR, power, cadence, etc..

I don't have a HRM, PM or anything so I was just planning on buying the satori and some cheap HRM to do intervals at first. However, I noticed the flow has a HRM, PM, CM and some training programs for 100€ more so I don't really know which one to get. I have no idea on how accurate these are either. I also don't know if the flow is actually better than the satori or if the 100€ are simply because of the added functionalities.

Also, I was planning to buy a Tacx back wheel to use on the turbo. Is it easy to keep switching the back wheels? My bike has a quick release system so I know it's simple to remove, but I have no idea on how the Tacx wheels are.

Any advice appreciated.


  • johncpjohncp Posts: 302
    You could buy from another country?

    Otherwise, probably go for the flow because the power measurement makes it much easier to increase difficulty of training as you have an objective measure. Accuracy of power reading is a bit suspect (tends to be a bit flattering :lol: ) but it is at least consistent!

    So far as wheels, as long as you aren't doing hours and hours on the turbo and your tyres aren't super light racing slicks you should be ok. I did two or three one hour sessions a week last winter on standard winter tyres and they are still fine. If you still want a spare wheel, it's not hard to switch them over, takes a minute or two.

    The flow may have a HRM but you still need to buy a chest belt to provide it with a signal. HR and cadence will be accurate.

    HTH have fun :shock:
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  • wastrelwastrel Posts: 55
    +1 for the flow

    Mine is pretty generous on the power too - i get an extra 'free' 60W compared to the Powertap, but the error is pretty consistent for the 150 - 300w range i use it over.

    A Polar T31 (non coded) chest strap will do the job.
  • kinesinkinesin Posts: 100
    Get the flow..

    254€ from (probably available cheaper)
  • LightningLightning Posts: 360
    Johncp wrote:
    Accuracy of power reading is a bit suspect (tends to be a bit flattering :lol: ) but it is at least consistent!
    Accuracy doesn't really matter to be honest. If it's consistent that's all I need. I can just measure FTP for the turbo.

    Thanks for the help everyone. I'll get a flow and a chest strap since power is important.
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