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Planet-X Nanolight

dancookdancook Posts: 333
edited July 2010 in Your road bikes
Nanolight SRAM Red with Dura Ace wheels and Thompson seat post upgrades. Fitted GP4000s and the whole thing weighs in at 15lbs.



  • freehubfreehub Posts: 4,258
    I think your seat needs setting up properly!
  • dancookdancook Posts: 333
    freehub wrote:
    I think your seat needs setting up properly!

    Thanks since the first few photos I've adjusted it, the last photo is the new adjusted position but you may not be able to tell as the rest of the frame is not in view.

    I've not had a proper chance to ride it yet! :( Only did 6 miles the day on tuesday.
  • bazbadgerbazbadger Posts: 553

    Be good to know how it rides - when you get the chance.

    Some user feedback on this frame would be interesting.
    Mens agitat molem
  • dancookdancook Posts: 333
    I'm not expert on bikes, so I'm not sure what I can tell you. I have no idea if a frame feels like it's flexing.

    I took it out for 12 miles this evening, when I stood up and pedalled it flew up a steep hill.

    Not sure what else I can say, except that I want more of it! Shame I'm so busy this week.
  • lickolicko Posts: 72
    I've just taken delivery of the same model without the dura ace wheels. - AWESOME!!! 16LB (on verified scales) £1500, I'm sure you can't get more bang for your buck. Rides beautifully, fast, stiff, responsive, not too harsh on the rough roads here in Anglesey. I'll take some pics and review fully once i've put a few more miles on the clock. :D:D:D
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