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Turbo trainers and toddlers reminder

BrassknockerBrassknocker Posts: 209
I've just been reading threads about turbo trainers and time-strapped parents etc...

Having an 18 monther myself (but not a turbo trainer) I just felt the urge to post a reminder about watching those little kids around turbos - I remember hearing a tragic tale about an inquisitive toddler getting very damaged by their father's spinning spokes...

...sorry if this is condescending, just felt a strong urge to suddenly post this, that's all.


  • robert-sbrobert-sb Posts: 118
    It's probably safer to keep it in the garage.

    Then you can turbo train in the house in perfect safety :lol::lol::lol:
  • hopper1hopper1 Posts: 4,389
    ^^^^^ :lol::lol:
    Start with a budget, finish with a mortgage!
  • Gav888Gav888 Posts: 946
    I train when the little one has gone to bed, no way would I use a turbo with my 2yr old running about near me.... even the thought of it makes me feel sick :shock:
    Cycling never gets any easier, you just go faster - Greg LeMond
  • sampurnellsampurnell Posts: 126
    i am currently sporting the results of getting a hand caught in a spinning wheel (2 broken knckles and a cracked finger.

    cant even begin to imagine waht would do to a toddlers hand :shock:
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