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New Ribble Gran Fondo

EBM BikerEBM Biker Posts: 47
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My first proper road bike. Been hacking around and doing training rides up to now on Cannondale Badboy Ultra 700c, Oooo, very harsh back end! All change now as I have the sofa-like comfort of a full carbon frameset.



  • and107and107 Posts: 55
    lovely bike think you may get flamed for not showing the side of the bike with the chainset though.

    Anyway how does she ride
  • freehubfreehub Posts: 4,258
    How very dare you come on a cycling forum, post a picture of your bike the wrong way round! How very very dare you!
  • acidstratoacidstrato Posts: 945
    3rd facelift in a year, odd

    disagree that its improved though, i much prefer the curved forks and chainstays. but I wonder how the people who dont have deda decals are feeling now
    Crafted in Italy apparantly
  • ElevatedElevated Posts: 126
    This one's like mine (frameset arrived a couple of weeks ago).

    There are three versions, this one with the straight forks and tapered head tube, the original one (in the pics on Ribble's site) which is an older version of the same frame, and the one without the Dedacciai logos which is basically the Sportive Racing frame with different paint. Being a Pedalforce frame it doesn't have the Dedacciai branding.

    Not sure if the Pedalforce version has a carbon steerer like the Sportive though. If it does then that would knock 200-300 grams of the weight of the F&F.
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  • EBM BikerEBM Biker Posts: 47

    O gawd, I've only been here 5 minutes and I've already broke the rules! Story of my life.... :roll: Correct way round photo now done!

    As I said, I'm new to road bikes [after 15years lay off from mountain biking] so I don't know much about the technology. I assume the 'Crafted In Italy' sticker on the frame means it was made in Taiwan, like most carbon frames, but designed in Italy.

    I'm so diggin the combined gearshift and brake levers! I know you guys have been using these for years but my last 'racer' was alooooooooong time ago and I hated the downtube shifters so much it put me off riding it.

    Man, I'm like a kid with a new toy :lol:
  • ukroadsterukroadster Posts: 14
    Stunning looking bike, like the straight forks.

    Do you know how much it weighs?
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