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Garmin Edge 705 on a Mac

stanniestannie Posts: 167
I am thinking of getting a Garmin Edge 705, but I have just got a Mac. How easy is it to use the software and maps on a Mac?
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  • redddraggonredddraggon Posts: 10,862
    Everything I use with my Garmin is browser based - firefox in my case. So there should be no issue with a mac.Not sure about Mapsource, but I thought Mapsource was censored , so I don't use it.

    Bikeroutetoaster/bikehike/etc does the job fine.
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  • DubaiNeilDubaiNeil Posts: 246
    Fine & no problems, now Garmin have eventually acknowledged the "light" side :)

    The Training Centre software is very different in look & feel between the Windoze & Mac versions though, with (IMO) the Mac version "looking" nicer, but with some missing functionality.

    For example, in Windows I could move the history to a specific folder (year, month, week etc) and then get the total for all of the entries in that folder. In the Mac version it will only copy an entry to the folder, still leaving the entry in the original "all" history listing. This means that the "all" history summary will show the values for all entries, whether they are in folders (as well) or not.
    In Windows I used this to archive (for example) my 2009 rides, so that the "all" history summary (which is the default download location for new data) would just show the total for 2010 rides, and I can't repeat this on the Mac.

    I have had no problems defining advanced workouts etc on the Mac version of TC

    I do have an issue with the device "timing out" when uploading ride data, so it takes a few attempts to get the data across, although I have not (yet) failed entirely...

    This is on a Foreunner 305, so I have to use a USB attached cradle, rather than wireless.

    For some unknown reason the Training Centre for Mac is a free download from the Garmin site (also comes on the CD with the product) whereas for Windows only updates are available. This meant that when re-installing Windows machines I had to install the version from CD then update to the latest release via the website - which isn't the case for the Mac (not that you have to re-build Macs anyway :wink: )


  • mkirbymkirby Posts: 365
    my 705 works fine with my mac, no issues with the software. I only use the training centre and the firmware updater.

    Training centre is very basic there are other free programs for the mac that are better.
  • symosymo Posts: 1,743
    I own both and have no probs.
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  • jimmcdonnelljimmcdonnell Posts: 328
    Works fine with a Mac, Garmin offer free software to transfer your PC maps to Mac; I never use the Garmin s/w though, choosing Ascent/TrailRunner/Rubitrack depending on mood, and MapMy Ride/Bikely/etc for routes.
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  • Lady VenomLady Venom Posts: 213
    I use Rubitrack in place of the Garmin software on my Mac and it works really well as it's mac specific. The guy who owns it is open to suggestions and it's constantly being updated.
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