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hey people just bought a cheap mountain bike today 2nd hand, its a Claud Butler Carabo.... I know its old school but gotta start somewhere lol.... it hasnt got suspension forks and I was wondering which ones I could put on? Heres a pic of the bike :-



  • alfablue
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    I think it is going to need a 1 inch steerer threaded fork, which is quite rare as the current standard is 1 1/8 inch threadless / A-head headset forks

    These might do the job http://www.discountbicycles.co.uk/biz/p ... xProd=6984 but I have no idea if they are any good.

    You could ride it as is, my first mtb's were rigid and we still had fun.
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    If it is a 1inch steerer, your choice is very limited....looks in good nick thouugh !!!
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    cheers for the replies... ye its in real good nick :)
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    Keep it the way it is and enjoy it. For what it'd cost to fit a decent front suspension fork you'd be better buying a good second hand mountain bike with forks. If you're sensible with the tyre pressures you don't realy need a fork for a lot of trails and tow paths. You could put on a suspension seatpost perhaps.

    If you put slick tyres on this it'd make a good commuting bike.
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    If you really want sus forks have a look on Retrobike classifieds, they will have what you need, TBH, not much that a bike like that will do nicely needs sus forks.
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