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pain in left flank or kidney after riding

plankton_brainplankton_brain Posts: 99
Anyone suffer with this? I get no pain when riding even for 3-4 hours. After a hard session I have started getting a very severe pain in the left kidney area, it sometimes seems to move around to the side and front. If I sit down it pretty much goes away but If I continue to stand it gets worse.

Mostly only lasts a day, I can get on the bike and the pain goes (thats a bonus).

No painfull weeing or blood or anything else that might point towards kidney.

Just wondering if Im alone


  • I'd go see a professional!
  • bexley5200bexley5200 Posts: 692
    sounds like dehydration go see someone about if if it continues
    going downhill slowly
  • do you drink alcohol night before? I get a similar pain if I try to race after even smelling beer the night before.
  • (puts his glass down to type reply) maybe a couple glasses of wine.

    Its a bit weird, Im sure its related to riding, but I dont get it while riding, and getting on the bike actually gets rid of any pain?

    Ill go and see the doc if it continues, probably due an MOT.
  • paul64paul64 Posts: 278
    Plankton, what is your normal daily hydration like as well as before/during/after rides. First check is whether you're taking in enough fluid in your normal lifestyle.
  • LimburgerLimburger Posts: 346
    Is it your kidney or the muscles in your back around that area?

    If its the muscles then odds are your bars aren't quite straight and your over reaching on your left side.
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  • I am pretty sure it is muscle rather than kidney, it just feels liek kidney pain due to the location and Ive never had back pain here before.

    I generally think my hydration is OK. In a normal day with no cycling my fluid intake would be something like:
    6-8 cups of tea
    2-3 espresso
    1-2 glass red wine
    2-3 pints water
    1 pint milk

    I normally get my 5 pieces fruit&veg in too.

    Limburger, I am sure mny bars are straight, but my right leg is weak compared to my left; I got into cycling as rehab for broken right knee for which I was non weight bearing for 16 weeks. I may be putting more into my left pedal stroke and correspondingly pulling the left bar more than the right. I will try to analyse it on my next ride.
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