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Cramp or Injury or what? (part 2)

archaeoarchaeo Posts: 231
Morning all
I posted on the Piriton and Cramp thread regarding a recent cramping issue and got some pretty useful replies but I didnt feel that hi jacking that thread was particularly fair and it seems to be immersed in some salty business at the moment.

Basically im getting severe cramps very soon into any ride I do - this started on Sunday, again on Tuesday then again last night (prior to this never ever experienced it before and riding 30-50 miles 2 to 3 times a week no problem). The pain is across the front of my thighs and starts as a low dull ache then progresses rapidly to excruciating pain - mainly in the right leg, but if i push on this gradually starts in the left leg. Last night i tried the turbo by means of an experiment - easy easy gear, spinning at 75rpm - no effort at all really - 2 minutes in it started, by 4 mins i had to stop, unclipped right leg stretched it then I could start again, another minute to minute and a half smae thing again. So i troed spinning it out - up to 100-105rpm (still easy gear) same thing happened but the left leg started to ache too.

Is this sounding like cramp or something more sinister? I am getting a bit wworried about this??

cheers in advance
What do you mean I\'m in the wrong gear?
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