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Have I broken the forum rules ?

It would appear that another member thinks that I have not read the forum rules before making my first post. I can assure you that I'm not aware of breaking any rule and it was not my intention to do so when posting my request for a valuation of a bike that I may or may not be selling.
The reason I signed up to the forum in the first place was because the only knowledge that I have about bikes is from ATB bike magaziines and websites such as yours, and I've forgotten most of it anyway because it is over a decade ago that I read anything about the sport.
I also read several posts on the forum before posting mine and they made me wary of various scams etc on eBay and Gumtree. I've only ever been a buyer on eBay and have never even heard of Gumtree and if I did decide to sell, I would much rather do so through the classifieds of a dedicated bike site like yours.
I'm aware that unscrupulous people could be trying to sell stolen bikes and using the forum to get a valuation, but I have all the documentation to prove that I am the owner and purchaser of my bike and I stated this in my post.
I'm not offended by anyone who is suspicious when reading a post like mine, and if I was looking to buy a second-hand bike, I would want proof that it was not stolen before parting with my hard-earned cash, but sometimes there are genuine people out there who lawfully want to sell their bikes and genuine people who are interested in buying it.
Maybe if I provide proof that the bike is mine, one of your moderators would be kind enough to give me a rough idea of what it is worth ?
I'm just like anyone else who is worried about getting ripped off which is one of the reasons why I still have the bike although it is rarely used which is why I was considering selling it.


  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667

    If you want to sell your bike, put it in the classifieds section.

    To get an idea of the price to ask for, look on completed ebay sales for a guide.

  • andyman01andyman01 Posts: 5
    Thanks for your reply Matt. I'll look on eBay completed sales but if I'm non-the-wiser after that, I think I'll just have to keep it. It looks like you've got a few kids on here judging by their comments on my post. I had been hoping for some useful advice from someone knowledgeable on the subject, but I suppose every board has it's jokers.
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