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Frame pump crudded up

Bluemoon39Bluemoon39 Posts: 168
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Are frame pumps a bad idea in our climate?

I've had a Specialized Air Tool MTB Frame Pump clamped to my frame for a year and luckily never needed it until I got a puncture last weekend. Then it basically didn't work , I think it was crudded up as it was really stiff and didn't put out any air. Luckily my mate had his pump in his backpack so I used his.

When I got home I tried cleaning it throughly and even sprayed GT85 into the air holes, I got it working a bit but wouldn't trust it on the peak district trials.

Does this mean frame pumps are a bad idea and I should carry my pump in my pack or is it just a censored pump?
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  • stumpyjonstumpyjon Posts: 4,069
    Keep it in your pack or on your pack. On the frame as you've discovered is not a great idea. Same goes for waterbottles.
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  • paulboxpaulbox Posts: 1,203
    Same happened to me recently, hadn't used my frame mounted pump all winter, then when I needed it, it was knackered. Bought a new one, keep it in my camelback.
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  • ric7481ric7481 Posts: 103
    wrap a layer of clingfilm round it - :lol:
  • Deputy DawgDeputy Dawg Posts: 428
    I used to put the thum from a latex glove over the head of mine to keep crud out.
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  • omegasomegas Posts: 970
    Bit of electricians’ tape over each end and it will last for ever on your frame.
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