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Water intake v toilet stops

muckymarkmuckymark Posts: 3
How do the professionals do it, go all day taking on water but never stop for a pee? I normally take 2 x litre bottles with nuun electrolyte and a carb drink but on a 5 hour ride stop for another litre. This keeps me nicely hydrated but on friday i had to stop 5 times. Sorry for moaning about it but i can never get the balance right. Is there some magic formula to working in out (Weight/amb temp/exertion) or do I need to work it out for myself?
Thanks in advance


  • secretsqizzsecretsqizz Posts: 424
    Wear black shorts and pee shame :wink:
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  • BrewerBrewer Posts: 45
    Caffeine is a diuretic. If you have a lot of tea/coffee or gels with caffeine in, you will need to stop more often and risk dehydration in v hot weather. Try a pair of Altura gel bib shorts. So high at the front that a pee is virtually impossible. Makes those last 20 miles fly past as I dash for my own bog.
  • PokerfacePokerface Posts: 8,640
    Pros do stop to pee. They call them 'comfort breaks'. They just don't normally show it on TV for obvious reasons - but sometimes you'll see masses of riders pulling over to the side of the road together.

    But mostly it's because they are working so hard that they sweat off most of what they take in so don't need to pee as often on a ride as we do.
  • love2ridelove2ride Posts: 224
    In a race, just make sure you go just before you start. In training it doesn't really matter. In a group just call a piss stop, and its surprising to see the number of others suffering in silence. Never sprint on a full bladder. :wink:
  • Gav888Gav888 Posts: 946
    Im usually good for an hour and a half to 2 hours before I need to stop providing ive been for a pee before I leave, on my long ride at the weekend I always stop which is annoying, sometimes it can become painful holding it if I cannot find somewhere to stop! :shock:
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  • bexley5200bexley5200 Posts: 692
    its ok to pee on the bike in the rain
    going downhill slowly
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