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Need my fix in Reading

Mc SmileyMc Smiley Posts: 252
edited May 2010 in MTB rides
Going to be starting an internship in reading and I will need to ride.

Already found the BMX track and there are lots of roads (ofcourse) but it is the offroad stuff that will stop my boredom from leading me to hang myself.

So where is good to ride?
Swinley looks good but quite far off for an evening jaunt. As I will not have a car being a student type...
Oh and as of yet I don't know where I am living.

Also slightly unrelated, how is bike crime in reading?
I'm from Bristol the capital of thieving pikies.


  • TheNorthernTrainTheNorthernTrain Posts: 1,049
    bike crime is pretty big in reading. My housemates have had 2 bikes stolen one was recovered by chance and the other wasn't. Have heard of loads more thefts as well.

    Go big or go home.
  • apreadingapreading Posts: 4,532
    Sulham Woods is my favourite around reading - there are two woods either side of the car park which both offer some fun. Just on the Western outskirts of reading.

    I think there are also some good rides North of Reading near the Thames and of course the Ridgeway not too far away if you can drive to the ride.
  • weeksy59weeksy59 Posts: 2,606
    Reading is crime central. I lost my CUBE here :(
  • Mc SmileyMc Smiley Posts: 252
    censored , may have to build up a rubbish single speed...
    Cheers for that guys
  • donkeysleddonkeysled Posts: 25
    reading is not crime central at all, no more than anywhere else. dont leave your bike in stupid places unlocked and you'll be fine.

    sulham woods ( purley/ tilehurst) to the west of reading is mainly footpaths and illegal trails, although ive ridden there since i was a kid, i wouldnt bother

    loads of good riding around swinley ( bracknell) check out 'Swinley forest Mountain Bikers (The Lookout)' on facebook, regular rides

    also check out the os explorer map 171, plenty of riding on that, especially north of caversham as apreading has said

    feel free to ask more,

    whatever you do, dont go singlespeed!!
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