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Wheat and bread intolerence help please.

LeeStiltonLeeStilton Posts: 26
Hi there i am due to do my first 100 mile ride 6th june.

I have read that i need to pack the pasta before the ride but I am intolernt to gluten?

Can anyone please advice me what to eat the week before the event pls.


anyone doing the 100 mile Norwich ride


  • johncpjohncp Posts: 302
    rice and potatoes? energy drinks
    If you haven't got a headwind you're not trying hard enough
  • smithy1.0smithy1.0 Posts: 439
    Go for the rice. I'm not gluten intolerant but i've always performed best on rice as a carb source.
  • Hi Lee

    Just waiting for the result of a blood test so might be a member of the club myself.

    As said already rice and potatoes are good options. You can also buy gluten free pasta,its not cheap and is more rubbery than normal pasta but it is an option.

    Also recently made some gluten free energy bars. Made from the following combinations.

    Gluten free cornflakes,rice crispies + chocolate, peanuts,banana chips, raisins,marshmallows(read the label) . Cheap and tasty alternatives as most if not all energy bars will have gluten in.

    £1.25 for sign up

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  • ut_och_cyklaut_och_cykla Posts: 1,594
    Rice & potatoes are gluten fri, there are gluten free wheat products and many gluten intolerant peopel find they can tolerate rye adn oat products (they are naturally low in gluten)
    Also fruits are a good source of carbs - but eating lots of fruit can cause other problems..

    I believe that Vitargo energy drinks etc are potato starch based and may be of help - though obviously you'll have to check all of this yourself.
    A good nutritionist will be able to help you. good luck
  • ireland57ireland57 Posts: 84
    + 1 for the rice stuff.

    Wheat is very acidic for some. Even some who eat it all the time can't tolerate during races.

    Fruit cake, rice cakes (home made), potatoes, bananas, good apples (some seem very acidic), rice custard (not too sweet), good gluten free bread (best of luck with that one), banana cake/muffins.

    All are nice to eat, easy to digest, good for the system, good fuel, garbage free.
  • LeeStiltonLeeStilton Posts: 26
    Thanks guys never thought of rice being good.
  • plug1nplug1n Posts: 204
    Flapjacks and muesli bars (check the labels though)

    Also may be good to try something made from Spelt flour - still contains gluten but it worked for me after 50 years of sore/spotty skin. Probably best to make your own spelt bread - I refuse to believe that the shop stuff is 100%. Tastes great, but is crumbly and doesn't keep as well as modern wheat.
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