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mickbrownmickbrown Posts: 100
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I'm toying with the idea of getting on of these.

To try and get an idea of what riding SS would be like, which gear should I stick my present bike in?

Ta very much


  • el_presidenteel_presidente Posts: 1,963
    Experiment with a few to find what you're most comfortable with on your chosen routes. Then get the Langster's gearing adjusted to match. A decent LBS should do this for free or a nominal cost on a new bike.
  • symosymo Posts: 1,743
    I'd experiment with a few too, then I would settle on a Genesis flyer for the road or a Genesis day one / cross for everything else.
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  • mickbrownmickbrown Posts: 100
    Don't be putting other choices in my head

    But two new bikes.............

    You might have a point
  • CraggersCraggers Posts: 185
    The langster comes with 42/16 gearing, so count up the teeth on your sprockets/chainrings and see which comes closest
  • ex-pat scotex-pat scot Posts: 939
    My Langster with 42/16 gearing is pretty much ideal.

    IF I rode completely flat then I'd up the gearing a little.
    I can spin along nicely at 20 -22mph
    I can winch myself up the 1 in 6 local hills on the way home.

    Look at some gear charts and find what 42 x 16 is equivalent to with your existing road set up. Put your road bike in that gear and ride with it for a few days to see how you get on
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  • SalsamanderSalsamander Posts: 53
    My girlfriend has the Langster steel, have you tried that? she loves it, she got our LBS to change the kerin handlebars to road handle bars
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