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To train or not to train...!?

mjk100mjk100 Posts: 12
Not the most interesting thread but what are peoples views on training through cold/ flu? should i be gritting my teeth and putting in the miles even when suffering from man flu.....or is it the perfect excuse to sit on the sofa and spend some quality time with my PS3 and a few box sets for the next few days? I am meant to be in training for L2P and am already behind schedule (if i wasn't it'd be a no brainer...sofa every time) tks


  • jacsterjacster Posts: 177 healthily, plenty of fluids and you'll be right in a few days.
    Train - and you risk a prolonged illness.
  • SBezzaSBezza Posts: 2,173
    Well a cold and the flu are two different illnesses. A cold I would probably train through, just backing off a bit. For flu I would be in bed most likely.
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