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Advice needed for training schedule

Marco_vanMarco_van Posts: 11
Hi Guys,

I looking for some training advice. Please forgive the biography, I am just trying to provide as much potentially useful information as possible.

I’m doing a competitive 120mile race in about 6 weeks time. It is a team TT type effort where other people will be counting on me to put in strong efforts in on the front.

I’m (by my own estimation) a decent cyclist (climbing being my strong-point), although I’ve never raced before. I’ve done this kind of distance (with panniers) and not hugely struggled. My team-mates are very-strong cyclists, mostly track racers and are good on the flat. I think although I can do the distance, racing it concerns me a little.

I commute 20 miles a day during the week and tend do a club run at the weekend. I also run 10k, once a week. I like pints, but I’m willing to give them up to do well.

So, what’s the best use of my remaining time?
+ Hit the turbo hard (I’d need buy one) with interval training and then go easy a week before?
+ HTFU, do my normal riding and get pints in? I’m not going to noticeably improve in 6 weeks.
+ Stop running. Is it really doing my cycling any good?
+ More running! It’s keeping me fit.
+ Stop being such a steaming girl.
+ I’m a hopeless case, time for performance enhancing drugs.



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