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Gear shifter - not enough clicks

ijportwineijportwine Posts: 35
edited May 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
I am trying to fix the gears on a mates Trek 8000. The shifters, which are Deore LX, do not have enough clicks in them. Eg before the cable is attached, for the rear there are only 4 or 5 clicks , consequently only the 4 or 5 smaller cogs are accessible.

Do you think the shifter is broken, or is their some adjustment I am unaware of? I have given them a good spray of WD40, and am fitting new cables.


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Either the ratchet is dead, or are clogged up.

    Open them up and have a look.
  • stumpyjonstumpyjon Posts: 4,069
    Have you tried putting a cable into them and loading the shifter (i.e. pulling the cable). They can feel rather funny when they aren't loaded.
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  • ijportwineijportwine Posts: 35
    Yes, I have put the cable in, but still the same issue
  • ijportwineijportwine Posts: 35
    Problem solved. Thanks for the suggestions.

    In trepidation I opened the shifters up, they looked OK. Sprayed in some degreaser, then water, followed by GT85 - both back to life now.

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