cycling buddies the South East.

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Hi ... I live in Surrey and am looking for someone or someones even, to share some of the cracking trails we have in and around the South East during the week.

Love off and on road. Can do muddy and scrapes without too much squealing. I'm unsure as to what level I am at, but can keep up with the guys at the weekend and have done the odd Evans Ride It event. Sooo if there are any like minded gals or guys for that matter, then please drop me a line and we can have a chat about where how and whatever !!!


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    Could go on google and look for clubs if you haven't already.
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    Where in Surrey?
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    Thanks for all your suggestions. I have googled but there seems to be quite a difference in clubs. Those that pootle around with coffee and lunch and then even afternoon tea breaks and then the likes of the redhill crowd et al.
    Ha.. something in between would be good. I guess it's a case of turning up and having a go.
    Thanks again guys.
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    Around Guildford.
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    Sussex Muddy@rse MTB Club

    We're regular visitors to the Surrey Hills (Despite the club name) as our members are spread all over the North/South Downs.

    Very friendly, never blasting off and leaving people behind, but quite adventurous too.

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    I live in Guildford too if you want to meet up for a ride some time.
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    Look at the London Calling thread. There's a bunch of us out most weeknds in the surrey hills or thereabouts. Not a huge group, mixed fitness levels so quite chilled out. Post up if you're up for something.
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    Redhill has a good mix of abilities. A typical saturday ride is about 20-22 miles, covered in 3-4 hours including a tea stop somewhere. There are also faster rides available if and when you want to start pushing it, including Wednesday nights and pre-rides from somewhere to the start of the main saturday one.
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    VCGH Don't let the roadie side put you off, we have an active MTB section as well. :P
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    VCGH and Redhill, you may be seeing me sooner than you think.

    Cheers !!
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    gregsd wrote:
    VCGH Don't let the roadie side put you off, we have an active MTB section as well. :P

    and not to forget :)

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    And lets not forget
    We have members that regularly ride Surrey. Infact, there's a ride being planned this weekend.

    Hugely mixed ability and absolutely NO eliteism.... guaranteed :D
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    What Atz said. We have a ride planned for Sunday, 10 am from Peaslake. We ride for fun, and wait for the slowest most useless person, generally me.
    Between us we know most of the trails and always happy to have new people join in. ... start=2340
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  • We have a group from guildford who ride in the surrey hills wednesday nights weather permitting.We tend to start off from holmbury around half six seven,and ride leigth and pitch,then finish in holmbury around nine ish for a pint or two.If you got some lights your more than welcome to join us.
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    +1 on the London Calling thread. We're all in there.

    Loads of stuff about the south east. Far more than you'd expect and contrary to popular belief there are some decent hills about the area.