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hi all, i am in need of some do it all gloves for riding. I'm after something:
- tough enough to take alot of falls
-under £20 or £25 if i really really have to
-cool for summer
-comfortable for long rides

I know alot of people recomend royal air gloves (i have done a search prior to posting this 8) ) but i'm not sure they are tough enough. They don't look like they will take more than a few falls. I normally land on my arms or legs but even then, i still rip up my hands eventually during the landing process. However, the problem with the tougher stuff is that they don't give you as much maneuverability.
What could you recomend?


  • peter413
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    Alpinestars Dual gloves.

    Used them before I got my Royal Airs :roll: and they were great. They are still going strong with my dad wearing them after nearly a year of riding (and thats a lot of riding)

    Offer enough protection in falls but they are not restrictive. They were really grippy as well which is always a bonus
  • Northwind
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    Whichever Fox you like the looks of :wink: I use the Sidewinders, which are just your average trail/beefed up XC gloves, and they're plenty tough, they last but they crash well too. Not that I crash of course, ever. They do a full range so you could go for one of their full on DH gloves, or any point inbetween.

    I'm biased like but I reckon Fox have the best allround glove range... Just about everyone makes at least one great glove but Fox have great gloves all the way from fingerless XC to downhill rockpunchers.
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  • fredy
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    thanks, i will look into them.
  • peter413
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    Fox gloves are good. Get the Unabombers if you want lots of protection, carbon fibre knuckles :twisted:

    Actually Northwind you could do with a set since you have a habit of punching trees :lol:
  • Luke-Dob
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    Fox Digit :D

    My last pair lasted 3 years with many crashes.
    Lots of vents on them
    Easy to slip on and do up
    Glass's/goggle/nose wipe on the thumb which is handy
    Only downside is that they are NOT padded.

    Picked my new pair up for £24, so price is not "that" bad.
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  • Northwind
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    peter413 wrote:
    Actually Northwind you could do with a set since you have a habit of punching trees :lol:

    That tree was asking for it. Showed it who's boss, won't have to do it again!
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