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C+ 10 mile TT training schedule question

OS 65OS 65 Posts: 415
I'd like to follow a 10TT training schedule that was featured in the July 2008 C+

The schedule is over a 4 week period and is mainly based around 75%-82% of max HR combined with shorter intervals or 'efforts'

Here is an example from week three of the programme, I'm a little confused by some of the language used

My questions come after

Day 1

Day 2
40-60 mins 75-82% max HR, including 1, 3, 5 and 7 min intervals as fast as you can

Day 3
50-60 mins 75-89% max HR - you need to work hard today, much of your riding at race pace. End the session if your pace starts to drop

Day 4
40-70 mins keeping your cadence high, Include several sprints and push your intensity on the hills

Day 5

Day 6
60 mins at 75%-82% max HR. Include 7 1-2 min efforts

Day 7
70-100 MIns 75-82% max HR. Vary the intensity and duration of harder efforts (from 1-5 mins) at random for the middle 30 mins

1. On Day 6 what intensity (ie HR) should the 7x 1-2 min efforts be at?
2. What intensity should the harder efforts be on Day 7?
3. On day 4, what is meant by 'push your intensity on the hills? (For how long and at what HR?)
3. Does the time specified for each day include warmup and warm down?

Hope you can help



  • stevewjstevewj Posts: 227
    This seems to have two days off with five days all of which include a degree of hard riding. Seems overkill to me. I keep it simple - 200 miles a week, two races a week and one hard interval session with the rest of the mileage easy to steady, that way I get a chance to recover between hard days.
  • SBezzaSBezza Posts: 2,173
    I would have thought the 7 x 1-2 mins intervals are going to be at the hardest you can maintain for that length of time, HR is going to be useless for these durations.

    Most of the riding is at tempo level, which would leave you tired at the end of the week, but I would have thought 2 days recovery should be OK, depending on how you can recover from the rides.

    For the hills part, just ride up them at a tempo pace, your HR will naturally rise, and ride for whatever length of the hill.

    For tempo rides, I just gradually get up to the HR over about 5 mins, don't really warm up and down as such, last mile is generally taken a bit easier. I would just go by the times, it will vary on weather/traffic conditions anyhow.
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