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Cant this be faced?

GraydawgGraydawg Posts: 673
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Ok so following my previous post last night I think I'm going to upgrade my crankset to Hollowtech II from the current Octalink internal Bottom Bracket setup.

However I will need to get my BB Shell faced by the LBS. They say they can do it for around 15-20 quid but I just inspected the shell face and seen this dent.. Can this be machined out ok? Current setup with the internal BB is fine as it doesnt affect that, however I am not sure on the suface for Hollowtech II?

Pics below.



It's been a while...


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    no probs.
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  • GraydawgGraydawg Posts: 673
    Nicklouse, you are an absolute legend! Fast and Always reliable with the replies. Thank you! :);)
    It's been a while...
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