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  • rjsterry
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    Someone has just left a plate of Bourbon biscuits, and a pot of pharmaceutically strong coffee in the kitchen.



    (I may be a little twitchy for the next couple of hours)
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  • cat_with_no_tail
    cat_with_no_tail Posts: 12,981
    To all the (40,000) bikers over here for TT at the moment, thanks very much for riding sensibly and leaving me LOOOOOADS of room when passing.
    I hope your good road sense rubs off on the local drivers (although I very much doubt it).
  • suzyb
    suzyb Posts: 3,449
    To the woman on the checkout in Asda, thank you for remembering it was us that left the packet of hob nobs when we ended up at your checkout on our second visit.

    Chocolate hob nobs...yummy :)
  • kurako
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    The strangest thing happened today. I got stopped at the lights at the top of Newington Causeway. There were about 4 bikes lined up across the bus lane. A bunch of other bikes stopped behind. No-one pushed to the front. No one RLJ'd (not even to take the cheeky left hander to the uni). It was totally surreal. I kept expecting some tumbleweed to blow past :shock:
  • marchant
    marchant Posts: 362
    Not cycling related, but despite my "homework" refusing to print and thus leaving me without notes, my interview today went quite well.
  • Norky
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    Big Wib wrote:
    which I had to work out manually as the computer on my tricross is v.v. basic

    Get a better one? Accurate stats are important! ;) Either that or if you have a reasonably fancy mobile 'phone with GPS you'll be able to get some bit of software for it that'll give you a halfway useful cycle computer...
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  • Cafewanda
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    To the WVM yesterday evening at around 5.40pm, reg starting KP52. You hung back so I could pass the bus at Clapham Common.

    Cheers mate :)
  • CiB
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    Getting ready this morning and noticed the Chris Hoy thighs that have sprung up above my knees folowing the Cycle To Work thing last week. Neat, but wierd in a wierd kind of way.
  • itsbruce
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    Many thanks to the fellow cyclist who alerted me that I'd lost my wallet on the Edgeware Road. It was a small wallet with my oyster card in it, rather than my cash/card wallet, but the alert was much appreciated and I was able to retrieve it from under the wheels of the juggernauts.

    I normally commute in lycra, with no pockets for things like this to fall out.
  • asprilla
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    This morning I had to give thanks to two bus drivers, two WVM and a cab driver for allowing me to filter in front at various points.

    The world's gone mad, I tell you.
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  • cat_with_no_tail
    cat_with_no_tail Posts: 12,981
    For the last 2 days, the commute in and out of the office has been an absolute joy. Cars that would normally squeeze out of side-streets or force past at pinch points have been waiting, I've even had a smile off 1 or 2 of them.
    I've also had 2 full days of all green lights, all the way.
    AND I seem to be full of energy this week.

    Best. Week. Ever
  • Kieran_Burns
    Kieran_Burns Posts: 9,757
    Glorious ride home last night - I decided to go exploring down some country lanes I'd passed a couple of times and wondered where they went.

    I discovered a 'Quiet Lane' where people go walking on the road and cars have to slow down. Schmoooth road surface and downhill all the way.

    Before that I had a DHL ( :shock: ) lorry driver being extremely patient and considerate; then afterwards had a cheery salute off an old couple cruising by on a tandem :D

    (bleeding hot last night - I managed to drink a full litre in less than an hours cycling!)
    Chunky Cyclists need your love too! :-)
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  • suzyb
    suzyb Posts: 3,449
    The sun is getting to people.
  • ChrisLS
    ChrisLS Posts: 2,749
    ...had a free cyclists breakfast today in Stevenage. The bloke from the council said that it was an annual thank you to all the people who cycl;e to work...
    ...all the way...'til the wheels fall off and burn...
  • davis
    davis Posts: 2,506
    ChrisLS wrote:
    ...had a free cyclists breakfast today in Stevenage. The bloke from the council said that it was an annual thank you to all the people who cycl;e to work...

    What did it consist of?

    I was considering putting an extra 20 miles in just to go see the local one. Heard it probably wasn't worth it though.
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  • marchant
    marchant Posts: 362
    I must stop calling out "Do a skid!" to the nice Police Officers on their bicycles....
  • wow, what a great ride home. Sunshine , quiet roads, pretty ladies on bikes.

    I got overtaken by a lycra roadie, quick bit of scr maths i thought i was ok but...

    id taken of my baggies and gone lycra :evil: , so i had to chase him....

    as i looked up i noticed his shorts had worn away around his a*se and had become very see through :lol: , after nearly falling off my bike laughing i didn't have the legs to catch him to give him a heads up, so if you read this thread and overtook a fat cyclist between spondon and long eaton who was wearing a bright yellow top. change your shorts!
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  • cjcp
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    Summer. How awesome is summer.
    FCN 2-4.

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  • Jay dubbleU
    Jay dubbleU Posts: 3,159
    Weather today so nice I doubled my route home any went up the old railway track - crossing the bridge I noticed the water lilies are in flower - look really exotic in that landscape 8)
  • suzyb
    suzyb Posts: 3,449
    Not anti-ranting about anything in particular, I just really enjoyed my MTB ride this evening.

    Oh actually I do have something to anti-rant about, my shoulder was pain free the entire time.
  • kurako
    kurako Posts: 1,098
    Got a new job. 2 weeks off to watch football in peace and no more Canary Wharf for the forseeable future.

    Life is good :D
  • Canny Jock
    Canny Jock Posts: 1,051
    Kurako wrote:
    Got a new job. 2 weeks off to watch football in peace and no more Canary Wharf for the forseeable future.

    Life is good :D

    Likewise - new job, based in Shoreditch instead of Monument (good job I have a single speed :D ), got a week off to watch football and go cycling, the weathers good and I've just bought a new bike!
  • rb1956
    rb1956 Posts: 134
    I'd like to throw out a big thank-you to 99% of drivers on the spirit-crushing climb up from Lady Game Drive to Pacific Highway along Millwood Avenue and Fullers Road. It is narrow and steep, and I know it must be frustrating to come up behind me as I gasp my way up the hill, but thank you for passing sensibly.
  • suzyb
    suzyb Posts: 3,449
    MTB ride and I didn't fall off :D
  • el_presidente
    el_presidente Posts: 1,963
    To the ridiculously hot brunette wearing a little black dress and driving your Aston DB9 with the roof down west along Embankment at about 6 last night - holy cow! You looked you should be in a film, or had been transported directly from the Corniche in Monte Carlo.

    I smiled all the way home. Chapeau madamoiselle.
  • northstar
    northstar Posts: 407
    To the driver of the BMW X5 at Coombe Lane, letting me back in after filtering and letting me move around a parked car were both much appreciated even though you had the momentum to pass, thanks
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  • desweller
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    Looks like I've finally got my secondment to our London site sorted so I'll be temporarily swapping the leafy hills of Gloucestershire for the hipster-infested streets* of the Big Smoke!

    *If you see an hipster on a fixie in Gloucester, chances are he/she will be set upon and devoured by the predominantly MTB-riding locals within about 10 seconds. It's true, I've seen it. Coloured chain links and denim all over the place.
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  • roger_merriman
    roger_merriman Posts: 6,165
    Thanks to the lady who asked if I wanted to carry on at the zebra crossing.

    We did the very British thing of "you first no I insist!" and so on.
  • richred_uk
    richred_uk Posts: 167
    Nice lady in a car in Chipping Barnet (I'm rubbish at cars) who moved over to let me filter when the woman who was trying to pull out from being parked moved to block me - thank you very much madam :)

    And the road gods generally for letting me catch most of the lights and keeping traffic away from me this morning - chappeau to you all
  • EArmstrong
    EArmstrong Posts: 25
    To the man in lycra who let me draft him from Honley Bridge to Lockwood Bar, your just too damn fast to pass, but thanks for not dissapearing and allowing me to draft you...