Stand-over clearance. How much do you have.



  • fletch8928
    fletch8928 Posts: 794
    Bike, Cube Ams 18inch

    Travel, 100mm F/R

    Clearance, Little if none.

    Height, 6.2, inside leg 29/30

    I have a very long back and should have a larger bike but thats just not going to happen, as i find my bike very comfy. I rely on the fact i wont slide forward in a crash. More of a over or sideways fall. Worked so far.
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  • The Spiderman
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    Giant XTC 19" medium

    HT:100mm travel


    6ft 33" leg
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    2010 Giant Defy Advanced
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  • woodnut
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    Nick, can I ask, what are your differing views? Seems a lot of people have bigger bikes (or perhaps shorter legs) than we "should" have?
  • nicklouse
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    basically as a average person (in height) My thoughts are that once you get over about 100mm of front travel, stand over height goes out of the window. I just need to pick up another bike for some photos to demonstrate.

    175cm BTW :wink:
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  • Anonymous
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    Bike: Fully Wolf ridge (medium size I think)

    Travel: 160mm front, 140mm rear

    Clearance: about 2 or 3 inches

    Me: 5'10" in bare feet, inside leg is 32"
  • SC Blur LT small

    140 travel

    height 5'5"

    leg 30"

    standover 1"

    Not much really! :D
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Posts: 79,667
    nicklouse wrote:
    basically as a average person (in height) My thoughts are that once you get over about 100mm of front travel, stand over height goes out of the window. I just need to pick up another bike for some photos to demonstrate.
    Well come on then, what are your findings?
  • BigAirNig
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    Bike - Rocky Mountain Altitude 50 - 18" frame

    140mm front & rear

    Clearance - about 1.5 inches ish .....

    Height 5' 7 - short legs!
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  • Red Route
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    Not much, I can just about get my hand in the gap, hopefuly it's enough?
    Bit concerned as I just bought my first proper MTB & was worried the frame was a bit big for me? I'm almost 6ft with long arms & legs & got a 20" as it was a private sale so had no choice. My last (Hybrid) bike was 20" & never had any probs, but I hear you need more clearance on a MTB?
    Otherwise it feels the right fit though I don't have to adjust the Saddle as high on my new Bike?
  • Northwind
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    Miles. On the hemlock I can barely see the top tube :lol: The Soul's not quite as low but still far away.
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  • Red Route
    Red Route Posts: 59
    My Nuts hurt now after testing clearance & or from sitting on a new Saddle?
  • jayson
    jayson Posts: 4,606
    HT: Carrera Vulcan (18")

    Travel: 4"

    Clearance: 4+ inches

    Height: 6' 1"

    Inside leg no idea.
  • TowerRider
    TowerRider Posts: 430
    Will edit and add details later but I reckon I have zero clearance (depending how cold lol) when stood over bike. Not lost them yet and no near misses.
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  • Boy Lard
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    HT, Trek 6000 15.5" frame

    100mm travel

    1" clearance

    height 5'6"

    inside leg 28" (ish)

    I know I'm short, but I appear to have short legs and a longer body, I couldn't stand over the next size frame. Same with the Giant Talon, basically zero clearance on the 'small' and couldn't stand over the medium.

    Oh, I do have bowed legs though, that might be the problem, I look a bit like an egg whisk when I'm on a bike :D
  • anton1r
    anton1r Posts: 272
    HT Giant Talon 0

    100mm Travel

    1" clearance (if that)

    Height 5'7"

    inside leg 29"
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  • Dick Scruttock
    Dick Scruttock Posts: 2,533
    Giant Anthem X Medium

    100mm f/r

    about 8cm

    Blur LTc Large


    About 9-10cm

    Height 181cm inseam 79cm.
  • Pritchard5
    Pritchard5 Posts: 119
    HT (Kinesis Maxlight)


    2 inches
    5ft 4 and 30" inside leg
    Kinesis Maxlight

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  • NatoED
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    ht merida 18 inch
    100mm travel
    3-4 inch
    33 inside leg
  • geoff93
    geoff93 Posts: 190
    Full Sus (Fuel EX 6)

    Both 120

    about 4 inches, but the EX frame is designed to have lots of it

    5 ft 7, 30 inches
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  • Gazlar
    Gazlar Posts: 8,084
    Full suss (focus thunder)

    140 f and r

    6ft 2 33 inside leg
    just shy of an inch clearance
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  • qgwp
    qgwp Posts: 53
    Boardman Team Full Suspension (Small frame).

    Travel: 120mm

    Clearance: approx. 3"

    Height: 5'7"

    Inside leg: 31" without shoes

    Neutral apex (my height is same as outstretched arm measurement).
    Reach/upper body measurement can be important in deciding frame size decision.

    I initially had a Boardman FS Medium frame for a few weeks. It is supposed to be correct for my measurements according to Halfords, but it gave maximum 1/2" top-tube clearance. I didn't feel comfortable with 1/2". Despite Halfords insistence it was correct, I returned Medium frame, & opted for Small frame to enable comfortable feeling clearance.

    Also, once you change the poor 2.1" Continental Speed King tyres on a Boardman FS to decent 2.25", the bike stands even higher! I would have been close to tiptoes on Medium FS!
  • FS Marin rift zone.

    120 120

    Clearance 0

    Height 5'8"

    Leg 28

    I just bought this bike and i have 0 clearance!
    What have i done?!!
  • not enough when i need it most :lol:
    anthem x with many upgrades
  • lg18
    lg18 Posts: 92
    HT 15.5" frame
    100mm travel
    1.75 " clearance
    5.5" tall, 29.5" inside leg

    I'm looking forward to seeing lots of graphs and stats!
  • I bought an 18" Kona Caldera, but after a quick sit on it in the house, realised there was absolutely no clearance.

    I'm 5'6", with about 29" inside leg.

    The forks on both bikes are 100mm (H/T)

    I sold that and I'm now awaiting a Cinder Cone, 17" this time, as per the size guides.
    I'm not as fit as I thought.
  • Fully

    140mm front allegedly 150mm Rear

    Big fat ZERO

    6' and 30"
  • 17" Kona Conder Cone HT


    1 inch clearance if I'm lucky.

    I'm not as fit as I thought.
  • naomimac92
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  • Carrera Fury 18"
    about 2-3 inches
    5ft 6"

    I've got very long legs, so once the saddle is moved on the rails correctly the fit is pretty much perfect.
  • DodgeT
    DodgeT Posts: 2,255
    commencal super 4 FS medium
    120fr 100r
    33" 6' 1"

    I like not banging the nuts :lol: