Stand-over clearance. How much do you have.

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Stand-over clearance.

Often mentioned but do you actually have any?

Sonic and I have differing views on this so I thought I would ask the forum for some infos.

Trying to keep it simple lets have some info.

this is all presuming that you have a correct sized 26" wheeled bike. (add any extra info needed.

bike type: HT or Fully

Travel: Front and Rear (if an HT leave rear out)

clearance: with both feet flat on the ground and with the nose of your saddle touching you body.

your height and inner leg measurements approx.

thanks muchly.
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  • supersonic
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    HT (Zaskar Carbon)

    120mm forks

    4 inches

    6ft, 33 inches.
  • HT (On one 456 18")

    140-95mm Forks

    About 2" @ 140mm

    6ft, 34 inches
  • D-Cyph3r
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    FS (Trek EX8)



    5ft 9", 30" inches
  • Doombrain
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    6ft - 32"
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  • The Northern Monkey
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    HT (NS - 17.5" - 160mm) - had about 3 to 4 inches. But the frame was smaller and more chuckable.

    HT (GT Aggressor XCR - 20" - 130mm) - upto 1 inch. The smaller size was too short/compact for me. Never had any issues, it was a great bike to be honest!

    HT (P7 - 19" - 140mm) - 1 to 2 inches but I wanted a bigger frame for a compromise between xc comfort and chuckability.

    Oops, forgot to add...
    I'm 6ft2 with quite a long reach. No idea what my leg length is though lol.
  • Ho hum
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    3 inches

    6' 3", 34"
  • jay12
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    HT:kinesis pha5e


    2",except the frame's top tube is very steep so thats why it's suprisingly small

    5ft 1, 29"
  • woodnut
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    bike type: Genesis Ioid 17.5"(HT)

    Travel: 100mm

    clearance: just about an inch :oops: but I like it like that TBH

    5'7" and 29"

    I know thats not as much as i "should have" but I'm just comfortable on the bike
  • Thread8
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    80mm travel

    around and about 2.5 inches, off the top of my head

    5'9", christ knows what my leg length is lol :oops:
    Haro Thread 8
    Please help!

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  • phoebian
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    FS (Stumpy FSR Elite 09)
    Travel 140/120
    Clearance 0
    Height 6"2/35"

    Seat height from the ground is 42.8 inches lol.
  • sparrowlegs78
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    HT 19" frame
    travel 100mm
    Clearance 6 inch
    heght 6ft 2" 35" inside leg
  • 77ric
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    bike type: FS (meta 5.5 09)

    Travel: 140mm front and back

    clearance: 3 and a bit inches

    height: 6' 1" inner leg: 33"
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  • NormalD
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    3" (this seemed a lot when I ordered the bike but I'm glad now)

    5'9" 29"
    Normal Disk 2009

    Genesis Equilibrium Tiagra 2011

    FCN 10 (only cycle in once a week though)

    Alfa 156 SW
  • RealMan
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    HT (chameleon)


    about 1 inch at 110mm.

    5"7, 30 inches (ish)
  • Eranu
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    HT (Cube Reaction)

    85-115 MM

    About 2 inches

    6'4 with 32 inside leg
  • asdfhjkl
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    1 inch

    5'11" and 32/33" inside leg
  • Robie P
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    1 inch

    5' 9"
  • Hercule Q
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    FS: Giant Reign X1 (160f 170r)




    EDIT: its a medium

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  • mudsucker
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    Bike: Stumpjumper FSR 08 Large frame

    120mm travel front and rear

    clearance: about 2.5 inches

    Height: 5ft 11. leg 31"
    Bikes are OK, I guess... :-)

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  • phz
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    frame - HT (small identiti mr hyde & 16" DMR trailstar mk1)

    travel - 100mm (identiti) / 80mm (DMR)

    clearance - between 1" and 2" on each frame

    height / inside leg - 5'6" / 29" - 30"

    slainte :? rob
  • x-isle
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    Frame - Orange 5 18" (2008)

    Travel - 140

    Clearance - Put it this way, if I was to jump forward off the saddle quickly, I'd probably lose any Family Allowance prospects.

    Height - Er, about 5'8" (maybe 9" at a push)

    Inside Leg - Yes, I have 2 of them, er, I think it's 30"
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  • RichMTB
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    FS (BlurLT)



    5'8" / 32inch inside leg
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  • diddyfunk
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    Can someone tell me what distance we are talking about here?

    If I stand over my bike with my bum touching the nose of the saddle, are we measuring from the bottom of my hanging baskets to the frame or arse to the lowest part of the top tube?

    I am 5ft 7" but have a small frame bike and a 1 inch gap between the bottom of my hanging baskets and the frame diresctly below.

    although everywhere you read suggests that for my height I should have a medium bike frame, I believe that would just be too big for me.

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  • HT


    Clearance: Bout an inch and a half but i do wear my shorts pretty low slung so it could technically be more.

    5ft 11ish as for my legs no idea - i wear 29 leg trousers though.

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  • mkf
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    frame: fully

    travel: 140mm

    clearence: 2"-3"

    height: 5'7"

    inside leg: 29.5"
  • HT Inbred 29er, 21"

    Travel : None!

    Clearance : About 3"

    Height : 6'4"

    Inside leg : 37"!

    Seems to have a highish BB, with the cranks level, my knees are above top tube height...
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  • floosy
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    Orange 5 16"(2008) (top tube on the 14 was too short)


    none...(just remember to come off sideways)


  • Iron Horse Mk3 19"
    Big green one
    lost interest in this now,
    it's you're bike, you bought it, surely it must fit............
  • Luto
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    gt avalanche 2.0 17.5"
    clearance: none :?
    height: 5' 5/6
    inside leg: 29/30"
  • MacAndCheese
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    Bike: Marin Wolf Ridge (Medium - 17.5")
    Travel: 140mm
    clearance: my 'package' just touches the top tube so zero.
    height: 5'7"
    Inside leg: 29-30"

    Bike: Marin IFT (Medium - 17.5")
    Travel: 100mm
    clearance: 1' or 2 inches from memory
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