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Should I be worried by my heart rate?

rml380zrml380z Posts: 244
I've just bought a heart rate monitor for the first time and I've been using it in combination with my turbo trainer for steady endurance rides; e.g. trying to maintain 75% MHR for 2 hours. For much of that time, I can just maintain the same cadence and power on the turbo trainer readout, and my heart rate monitor stays at 75%..

Occasionally, my heart rate will drop 8-10 bpm for a short while, and as long as I keep the cadence/power steady, my heart rate will quickly climb back up to 75%.

I thought it might be that I'm just easing off slightly without noticing but I'm not convinced it's that. Does anyone else experience this and, if so, what is the likely cause, and is it something I should be concerned about?


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