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Came up with an idea, but....

bfreeman0bfreeman0 Posts: 119
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...the idea seems to have been taken, after some research :(
I'm currently studying business and have also enjoyed various holidays where the chance to get on my bike has presented itself and was very fun. In the future I hope to start my own business. Recently I had a brainwave, what if I provided mountain bike holidays. But of course this idea has already been done before so:
    *What would appeal to you if I set one up? *How about a rating/review system? (Reviewers are you lot :)) *Alternatives for the rest of the family? (E.g. you and people who like to ride can ride while *the others can do some other things) *Mixture of residencies (Campsite, Hotel, B&B) *And finally how would the business generate its income?
And any other pointers will be helpful, if enough input could probably set up a beta version with some more input from more experienced bikeradar'ers.
Thanks :)
P.S. Think of this as market research

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  • If you need an independent reviewer to try out the Holidays... i'll do it for free as long as everything is paid for :wink:

    On another note, if you plan on leading MTB rides, you'll need a qualification.
  • bfreeman0bfreeman0 Posts: 119
    lol, im sure that if this did happen I'd be happy to pay really, what sort of qualifications? At the start I'll probably have to lead the first few, before it starts to take off.
  • robertpbrobertpb Posts: 1,866
    A few pointers, I take it that 'taken business' means studying business.

    Also don't tell the tax man that you are going to raise a business, they'll think that you are going to set fire to it the day before a visit from them, you set-up or start a business.

    Also never end with 'finally how would the business generate its income?', that should be the first in the list, and then how you endeavour to achieve that.
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  • bfreeman0bfreeman0 Posts: 119
    ok thanks for the tips, I know a few ways of generating an income
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  • furbyfurby Posts: 200
    you need a unique selling point, with out that, forget it.
  • bfreeman0bfreeman0 Posts: 119
    I was thinking of some kind of tour programme, that lasts either a weekend, week, or month. We transport you to the venues and we also somehow take your gear. I don't think that has been done for people that are not in a team. And it's a great way to meet fellow bikers.
    Other than that I'll have to come up with some new ideas
  • theres just too much competition
  • fletch8928fletch8928 Posts: 794
    I live in the middle of some gorgeous countryside and if I had the fitness its something I would look into. Carefully planned holidays to test the waters ect.

    My aim would be to use Kielder as a lure for the trail centre riders, offering a possibly new way of riding and finding routes by utilising the Northumbrian moorland in all its naturalness. Hopefully it would give some a fresh look at whats also available. Others it could confirm why the trail centres are good.

    Accommodation would be the biggest stumbling block. I would want a nice house with other accommodation for the said riders and related kit. Located right on the footstep (tyre print) of the ground you are going to cover. Not a cheap thing to get. Thats what I would be aiming for anyway. Self catering lets, for like minded folk. If you want to think about the "others" in the family then move to Tenerife/Cyprus.

    Good idea and I wish ou al the luck in succeeding. Be it now or in the future. Dreams are meant to be followed.
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  • VWsurfbumVWsurfbum Posts: 7,881
    i like the idea of being able to go on holiday with the family, them to be able to be entertained and me to be able to ride. the wife has said in the past she would come to wales with me but there's nothing to do for the kids? so something along those lines would be good?
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  • welshkevwelshkev Posts: 9,690
    VWSurfbum wrote:
    i like the idea of being able to go on holiday with the family, them to be able to be entertained and me to be able to ride. the wife has said in the past she would come to wales with me but there's nothing to do for the kids? so something along those lines would be good?

    tell her there's loads!!!! in cardiff you've got the castle, techniquest (science for kids museum type thing) boat trips around the bay and that's just off the top of my head - all only 20 mins drive from cwmcarn and about 35 mins from afan. from brechfa there's oakwood amusement park near by and a chocolate factory!! - just giving you amunition to hit her with so you can come and ride :lol:

    ok, sorry for the thread hijacking, as you were :D
  • bfreeman0bfreeman0 Posts: 119
    well it is still on topic so all is well :)
    Accommodation would be the hardest to find, depends on the bike park. But if you ran it for a couple of years I guess the parks would generate enough to build some sort of accommodation.
    I'm currently looking into running a travel agent of sorts, but from this I've also thought that I could always invest in building up the amenities around a bike trail, such as bike shops, workshops, showers. I realize that quite a few trails have this but many do not so would be easy to take advantage of. If anything it would boost employment in the local areas
  • ESCESC Posts: 34
    You will be hard pushed to come up with something original, be it a holiday co, a central booking agency or day guiding as it has all gone before you. Find a good location have good options available and know your business inside out, take advice, ignore the critics and expect hard graft for little financial reward for many years to come. However you are your own boss doing what you love with likeminded people!!

    Must go have a board meeting down the beach........ 8)
  • bfreeman0bfreeman0 Posts: 119
    lolz I second that
  • Thread8Thread8 Posts: 479
    If you were gonna do it abroad, you could rent out bike cases so that poor people like me :oops: can take our bikes abroad without having to worry :wink:
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    Please help!

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  • furbyfurby Posts: 200
    theres just too much competition

    It is rare that there is in fact to much competition. In some aspect there will be a gap to be exploited.
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