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Tired legs

TheaudiobullyTheaudiobully Posts: 32
Afternoon all,

I was faced wit ha rather unpleasant dilemma over the weekend and could do with some opinions.

On Saturday morning me and a friend set off on a planned 70 mile ride around Staffordshire, everything was going fine (bar the odd ache here and there, nothing a good stretch didn’t sort out) but then about 30/35 miles in my legs just gave up. The route was fairly flat (a few hills but nothing I would normally struggle with) so I’m struggling to come to terms with why it happened.

I had a rest and then tried to ride through the pain thinking it would go away but about 42 miles in I was no longer enjoying the ride and had to jump on a train in Uttoxeter and make my way home.

I felt disappointed in myself but couldn’t take the pain anymore.

Two weeks before we did a 50 mile ride with some gruelling hills and I felt fine.

Has anyone else had similar problems or any info on how to overcome this?

I ate before I went out and made sure I was hydrated during the ride. I also had a banana and come energy gels so don’t feel it was anything to do with my energy levels.

Thanks in advance.


  • BronzieBronzie Posts: 4,927
    What sort of weekly mileage have you averaged for the last 3 months?
  • GuzGuz Posts: 45
    Every body has an off day and your body will not always perform at top level especially if you aint't getting enough recovery.

    Don't let it get you down, but a HRM and search online for a training programme that suits you goals.

    Also ride at your own pace and don't be dragged in to a mini race if you're on an easy run.
  • GuzGuz Posts: 45
    Oops forgot to mention that a sports massage can also work wonders :wink:
  • bikermazebikermaze Posts: 23
    As what everyone else said, there are just some days when the body is not in it's finest condition. For those days (you'll simply know it when it happens) take your time and you'll finish your routine eventually.

    Tired legs? Perhaps you're overexerting yourself? Do things at your pace. It's good to push yourself to the limits but make sure you don't hurt yourself too badly.

    Cheer up. You'll do better on other days. It's normal. Everyone goes through these days, don't beat yourself up for it. Happens to the best of us.
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