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burning quads

kfinlaykfinlay Posts: 763
Did a hard (for me) 45 windy and hilly miles on Saturday and while I felt tired on the bike, my quads got a real burning feeling when I'd finished and got off. During the last 5 miles or so I did have a slight burning in my quads and as I had the wind behind me I tried to ensure I spun the pedals to get rid of the lactic acid in my legs. Was this just a case of the remaining lactic acid in my legs causing the burning?
I ate a recovery bar within 5-10 mins which certainly helped and I was much better after about 15-20 mins, I also had something decent to eat to help recovery about 30 mins after. During the ride I had drank 1.3L energy drink and ate 3 fig rolls with one stop (about 10 mins to adjust my saddle and handlebar position).
I'm not worried about it, more curious as I'm upping my longer ride mileage over the next few weeks as my saddle is much more comfy and need to be ready for Etape Caledonia.


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