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races in Collingbourne woods near Andover

percy8758percy8758 Posts: 5
edited April 2010 in XC and Enduro
Anybody heard of xc races in Collingbourne woods ? I saw a guy today in the woods said there was a race there this summer anybody any info?


  • dafoxsterdafoxster Posts: 49
    Not a race but this event starts nearby so may pass through the woods:

  • No I asked the guy this, said it wasnt the test valley challenge, I should have got his number. I will keep digging it may be on the BC website
  • I live 10 miles away and I have never heard of a race other than the Gorrick Challenges Hot (June) Cold (Nov) which run through there.

    If it is used as such then it might be a club run of sorts?

    If you do find out - pls let us know!
  • There is a race-Sunday 6th June its called the Collingbourne Clash. My wife has seen the poster in a local leisure center, once I get more info I will pass it on.
  • Cheers thats now in my diary, I think ive done the route/lap before, should be fun - spoke to some mates about the relay were in for that aswell.
  • Ben111Ben111 Posts: 1
    Collingbourne has some great single track! (providing its dry) Sounds good, will definately be entering the race
  • I rode the 2.3Km time trial course yesterday, superb, the course is drying out nicely, lovely location (very little motocross damage). A video will be appearing on in the near future as the organiser was there with his camera.
  • Cj83Cj83 Posts: 58
    that tt/race sounds good, i'll be entering.

    what also sounds good is the other event on their site they have planned:

    "Pioneered in Germany, Dirt XC is a short course XC race based on a free ride course.

    It will be a knock out format and racing in pairs, this 1.5 km loop has it all - jumps, berms ,technical sections and climbs.

    Dates for this series will be published shortly."

    but what bike would you use, wouldn't wanna break my xc frame jumping?! maybe u can roll over them and just lose style points.
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