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A bit more Jens Voight than Marco Pantani

phreakphreak Posts: 2,178
Hi all,

I'm 5'5" and around 60kg so generally speaking don't have too many problems on hills. The last few sportives have been classic rouleur territory though with strong winds and undulating terrain, and I've really struggled.

I appreciate that given my physique I'm always likely to be better going up than on the flat but I'd like to be able to suffer a little less to keep pace on the flat stuff.

Any tips?


  • ratsbeyfusratsbeyfus Posts: 2,841
    If you start eating loads of cheeseburgers, like me, your performance o the hills will soon match your efforts on the flat.

    Problem solved.

    I had one of them red bikes but I don't any more. Sad face.

  • G-WizG-Wiz Posts: 261
    Your best bet is probably in getting more aero on the flat stuff.

    Get your back and breathing used to riding on the drops, or with your forearms rather than hands on the bars (when it's safe).

    Oh, and think about not dropping the fat boys on early small climbs, they might come in useful on the flat and save you some energy.
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