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2 hours before my body is comfortable

birdy247birdy247 Posts: 454
For the last few months i have been having foot/calf cramps.

I notice that when I go out on long rides, the first couple of hours are uncomfortable i.e. i get foot/calf cramps when i put the power down, attack a long hill, and i find it hard to get comfortable in the saddle.

After about 2 hours, everything seems to get much more comfortable. I dont shift around in the saddle to get comfortable and i can put the power down without really getting and calf/foot problems.

Anyone have any ideas?


  • rakerake Posts: 3,204
    do you eat before riding. getting beered up doesnt help.
  • birdy247birdy247 Posts: 454
    Yes, I eat before a long weekend ride. Usually some oats, banana and toast
  • rakerake Posts: 3,204
    could it be dehydration? it strange the more i ride i seem to take longer to settle in like you. no cramps though. did 70 miles trip yetsrday agianst the wind setting off. felt slugish but coming back wind aside i motored through town keeping up with the traffic.the legs seem to go automatic and become much more efficient.
  • birdy247birdy247 Posts: 454
    Exactly the same as me. Going out feels hard work, coming back and I feel like Lance. I also feel much smoother and the cramps/saddle discomfort doesnt exist.
  • Heckler1974Heckler1974 Posts: 479
    How soon before riding are you eating? On a weekend if I eat and immediately go out
    (i.e. within the hour) for the first ten miles/hour or so I feel sluggish, mainly because my body is using a fair per centage of energy digesting my brekkie which leaves less to go to my legs.

    I suppose an extreme version of this would be cramps in your calves?
  • smithy1.0smithy1.0 Posts: 439
    Sounds like you are slowing up for the first 2 hours as your body is diverting it's energy to digestion. Try minimising yourself to 200kcal max an hour before riding. If you head out sooner than this don't bother eating - just head out and fuel on the bike as required.
  • I wait at least 90 mins before I ride after eating a good brekie or big meal. If i don't I get really bad stomach cramps and feel like dog pooh!

    I just eat small amounts and drink plenty on the ride and I feel brand new!

    Although went for a run today (minus bike) and now feel like my legs may fall off!
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