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Dodgy Knees

StanwaySteve62StanwaySteve62 Posts: 702
Hi Guys
Back in the saddle trying to lose weight but have bad knees (been overweight for a long time and getting on a bit now 18+ stone and 48 this year)
Been using a turbo trainer for a couple of hours a week (lost 8 pounds just doing that) and now getting back on the road.
Base fitness is still in me as did 33 miles sunday morning averaging 14.5 miles over a fairly easy route with maybe 8 'slopes'. The only thing that held me back was my knees and some numbness in hands and one foot (plus the ole undercarriage Very Happy )
Bike is a siirus hybred but have already got the bug to go drop

Can anybody suggest a good knee support other than those sock type things which I guess are pretty useless for cycling


  • Lady VenomLady Venom Posts: 213
    Bioskins. Although a knee support isn't going to do much other than compress it, sounds like it's just sore from getting back into it.
  • stokepa31stokepa31 Posts: 559
    if you already have bad knees then no amount of supports will really help you. I m a big guy and have built up very gently to around 50 mile long rides. for the undercarriage i recommend padded shorts or longs and Assos Chamois cream. as you are riding a more upright position, you will be putting a lot of weight on the perineum. Try to ensure you come out of the saddle fairly often to ensure good blood supply to the man zone!

    apply assos to the pad on the short and a bit on your perineum. avoid more sensitive parts :o

    remember the biggest strain on your knees will be on hills as we have to push more weight up them, so take it easy and avoid huge gradients. when i first started I found ergon grips to be really comfortable and stop the numbness.

    i also take glucosamine sulphate more as a prevention measure and a milion other potions including cod liver oil, green tea extract - the list goes on lol
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  • thx, dont even think about going out without padded shorts :)
    Age is a b*******d though,I used to ride so hard, loved hills and rode up and over penny fan in the brecon beacons for fun in the snow on a non suspended mountain bike some years back :cry:
  • ride_wheneverride_whenever Posts: 13,279
    bad knees, go see a physio to get some exercises to determine any weak spots in your musculature and work to iron them out.
  • evilollieevilollie Posts: 148
    having had a fair few probs with knees mcl rupture acl rupture ..... you sounds like patella femoral pain ... which can be caused by a few different things , tight hams... maltracking patella

    as been said best getting to a PT , weak VMO can cause alsorts of problems on the knee

    good luck
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