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My first build PLEASE HELP!!!

Laurence25Laurence25 Posts: 334
edited March 2010 in MTB general
This is going to be my first “proper” mountain bike build and if I am honest I need a bit of help components wise. I decided to go with the 2010 orange crush frame in the end after much debating with my self :wink: all though I am trying too keep to a budget of around £600 pounds 4 the frame forks and wheel set. The frame alone will cost £315 That will leave me with £285 for the forks and the wheel set I no its not much but it is all I can afford.

I would like the fork to have 140mm travel and I will be using the bike pretty much EVERYWHERE any help would be much appreciated thanks

(P.S Could any one recommend the Shimano XT M770 chainset or the Shimano M665 SLX double crankest??? My heart is set n the XT but I have never used the SLX so I am not sure what to go for?)

Thank Laurence


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