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Ride by your self ?

bambabamba Posts: 856
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Does any one out there ride by them selves ? i dont just mean round the local woods or trail centre , but more remote areas where if you had an accident you might not be found for a good while , if at all ???


  • weeksy59weeksy59 Posts: 2,606

    Although if i didn't come back the wife would ring one of the lads who knows 99% of the routes as we've ridden them.

    They'd find me eventually assuming i could shout :)
  • Yep. Much prefer riding on my own. Leave at the time I want to leave (usually pretty early on a morning)Go at my own pace, stop when I want, take routes I want to take and so on.

    I always carry a mobile, small 1st aid kit with foil blanket and a couple of glo-stick things as well as enough spares to see me through most situations. The wife knows roughly where I'm headed and roughly what time I'm coming back.
  • bomberesquebomberesque Posts: 1,701
    not anymore. Years ago yes but today I usually ride in a group and always do in remote areas. I wouldn't have a problem on a populated trail but wayout back it's just too easy to come unstuck.

    Now I think about it I do rather miss the solitude of riding alone ... but that's getting old for you :P
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  • Ho humHo hum Posts: 236
    Since starting back on my MTB 3 years ago I have only ever ridden by myself, never with anyone else :o

    It's not that I am anti-social, lol, just never found anyone to ride with locally and I do not have a car rack to meet up at places with work colleagues, etc.
  • bambabamba Posts: 856
    I see , been thinking about it for a bit,for thought it to be a bit unsafe, but now i no the area a bit better feel bit more confident,
    my main problem is working shifts, so matching up with other folks days off is always a problem.
  • .blitz.blitz Posts: 6,197
    bamba wrote:
    Does any one out there ride by them selves ?
    Since 1998. Without wanting to sound all hardcore, exposure to wild conditions is the best way to learn what to do when it all goes pear-shaped.

    Additionally I'm not very good at compromising and I gave up companionship for freedom a long time ago. I like to go where I want, when I want and at a speed that suits me.

    Group rides? No thanks :lol:
  • bamba wrote:
    I see , been thinking about it for a bit,for thought it to be a bit unsafe, but now i no the area a bit better feel bit more confident,
    my main problem is working shifts, so matching up with other folks days off is always a problem.

    I have a similar problem. I'm self employed, so I have to get out when I can.

    I went out with the local club a couple of times, found it very cliquey and a bit snobbish if I'm honest.

    I like riding on my own, it gives me a bit of time to get away from the kids and just chill out.

    I'd probably not do anything overly extreme like full-on DH or anything mental like that if I was on my own but I don't exactly take it easy either.
  • bluehelmetbluehelmet Posts: 156
    All the time out into the wilds of Northumberland, Lake District, local woods, trail centres, etc.

    Always tell the wife where I'm going and leave a route map for her if going on a long distance jaunt. Carry a foil blanket, first aid kit, mobile, whistle, matches, OS Map, etc. I'm no Ray Mears but like to think I could look after myself in the wild.

    I love the isolation of being miles from anywhere / anyone and doing what you want at your own pace.

    Saying that I do ride more conservatively when I'm on my own too - no point being stupid.
  • AirienteerAirienteer Posts: 695
    I prefer riding on my own. Do overnighters in the Lake District etc sleeping under the the summer of course! Did some pretty big rides in the Alps alone aswell. That being said you must be careful. I have a mountain leadership award so have a fair bit of experience. I always tell someone where I'm going with a detailed route description. First aid kit, map, compass and phone are the basics.
  • Paulie WPaulie W Posts: 1,492
    Most of my riding over the years has been on my own. I guess that I tend to consciously or unconsciously back off a bit when riding alone and I've never had a big accident. I did once fall into a bog though (I was pushing rather than riding the bike at the time) and ended up to my waste in thick sludge. Once I realised I wasnt actually going to sink completely, I was worried that I might not be able to lever myself out and would have to stay there indefinitely! I did manage to drag myself out though after close on an hour of trying and cycled straight home (about 20 miles!) cold, wet and prettty exhausted.
  • I mostly ride hilltops and moors alone in all weathers. If you do so DON'T ride at 10/10ths! It doesn't mean having to avoid technical sections, but plan it out and hold a little in reserve. If 'blasting' over rocky or tricky ground, hold back a little, and don't crash!

    I also prefer to wear more clothing than is ideal in case I'm stranded, and find it difficult to get back down.
  • MacAndCheeseMacAndCheese Posts: 1,944
    I do a lot of solo riding, probably about 65% of my riding I think. I like it, especially as you can session stuff as many or as few times as you like. I also find being on you own at the top of some bleak hill is a really good way to clear your mind and I almost always come back from a long solo ride in a much better, more positive mood than when I left.

    I do try and let someone know where I am going, but often I just like to play it by ear and go to the trails I want to ride when I feel like it. I do always carry a fully charged mobile and first aid kit though. I did think the other day when I almost binned a jump into a tree that it would probably be best to leave the more dangerous riding for a group situation!
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  • SarnianSarnian Posts: 1,451
    Just me and my tunes must of the time. :D
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  • carbonfiendcarbonfiend Posts: 475
    i ride in epping forest at night on my own sometimes where I have to be aware of elements of a different sort due to it close proximitely to east london and how its in the middle of essex county - if you see men with spades and range rovers you can assume they aint digging for badgers :shock:
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  • Robie PRobie P Posts: 39
    Same here, I ride alone every Sunday as Ive only just got back into it.
    I used to ride with a group about 8 or 9 years ago and must say that I miss the banter ect.
    Im hopeing that when Ive got my fitness level up again I could hook up with a group. The lads I used too ride with jacked in the sport years ago, we used to ride on the IOW,QE Park, South Downs Way ect.
    I allways let the wife know that Im going out on the bike and roughly where I will be going and I always carry my mobile in the back pack.
  • nickfrognickfrog Posts: 610
    I only ride on the South Downs on my own and even in the week, even in the remotest places there is always someone around and with the National Park status that's not gonna change.

    I'd love to share my riding but I find most people unreliable (or too slow or too fast).

    Back in the 90s in France it was 4 of us riding every Sunday AM starting at 8.00am ALL YEAR ROUND. We never had to confirm or speak, we would always meet in time at the same place. I miss those guys...
  • All the time done it for the last 5 years.. Got feed up with the amount of moaning that goes on in a group theres always someone that wants a pi$$ or a cig and always at different times!!!!

    I to use to ride Epping at night on my own just had to watch out for the doggers that are around the car park by the tea hut :D. And i did bump into a few weirdos out on the singletrack (With out a bike!!) one night but as said take a cellular dog and bone let people know your route and you should be fine..I now have to put up with people on the trail with machetes and a risk of kidnapping but all good fun still safer than epping :D
  • RaymondavalonRaymondavalon Posts: 5,346
    I've done many a solo ride in the Forest of Dean but most of the time I ride with mates.
    Riding alone is great as I keep my own pace and go where I want to on the trail.
    One of my mates I ride with is a roadie and every MTB ride is a race to him, I almost bust a lung trying to keep up so riding solo is a welcome change.
    Once or twice I've been in the middle of a forest on a firebreak without seeing another person for hours. The solitude can be a little surreal at times, but the Garmin always gets me back to the parking lot..
  • NorthwindNorthwind Posts: 14,675
    I do a lot of solo riding, oh the joy of never waiting for the guy who is always fannying around with his tyre pressures or the idiot with the badly maintained bike who needs to stop every 10 seconds and bolt a bit back on or the guy who can't get up any of the hills without stopping for a quick nap. Or for that matter being shown up by everyone else who's faster than me then complains that I can't get up the hills without stopping for a quick nap...

    I do leave a route plan at home and make sure someone knows when I'll be back and where I'll be though, that's pretty much just common sense.

    maybe we could start a thread on here, "I'm going here and I'll be back by then, if I don't post call an ambulance" People can post up their plans and their routes and their ETAs and while they're out, I can rob their houses.
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  • jadamsonjadamson Posts: 644
    Northwind wrote:
    maybe we could start a thread on here, "I'm going here and I'll be back by then, if I don't post call an ambulance" People can post up their plans and their routes and their ETAs and while they're out, I can rob their houses.

    unless i fool you on purpose knowing your plan....

    *ill be gone 5-8PM*

    *sits with shotgun at home through this time waiting for northwind :twisted:* :lol:
  • The problem with telling people where and when you're going is that you give up the best part of riding; the freedom to roam at will on a whim, with no timetable or route to have to follow.
    I much prefer to keep it to myself, while accepting responsibility for my own actions. That way, you avoid taking silly risks, but get more satisfaction.
  • bambabamba Posts: 856
    Well thats well and truely answered, I was expecting noo ! how could you be so stupid , dont you know you could die out there responses, I'l be off in the dark peak areas with me myself and I when there is opertunaty comes
  • RaymondavalonRaymondavalon Posts: 5,346
    Talking of..

    Mobile phones are a Godsend, but not always foolproof..

    One of the guys I deal with through work is a policeman, he's a DS in his early 50's and in fairly good shape.
    He had a bad crash on a solo ride on one of his many regular routes which bruised his sternum, tore a chest muscle and bruised his ribs. He was so hurt he couldn't get up.
    The crash happened in a dip, he managed to get his mobile out but couldn't get a signal at all. He laid on the trail for over two hours before being discovered by some young riders who called for help. He was stretchered out. he is married and of course the Missus would have flagged him as missing, but incidents like this makes one wonder how long another single person may have laid there before being discovered if this had happened in the latter part of the afternoon?
    I think it's always best to let someone know

    (The youngsters took his bike and delivered it to his house! Nice of them)
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    i always ride alone but mainly because im a bit rubbish so i dont want to ruin anyone elses day out.

    ive not ridden in ages though but that will change this week.......................
  • bails87bails87 Posts: 12,998
    i always ride alone but mainly because im a bit rubbish so i dont want to ruin anyone elses day out.

    ive not ridden in ages though but that will change this week.......................

    Yeah right :wink:

    "As I said last time, it won't happen again."
  • tptvmbircntptvmbircn Posts: 782
    I ride alone quite a bit, but as previously mentioned take the usual bit and bobs phone etc and food. Its good, clears the head, do your own thing and just get lost in your ride and take it all in.
  • nikstar1nikstar1 Posts: 103
    I ususally prefer to ride on my own as I use cycling to get away from it all and if you have someone there you need to make conversation etc.

    I do also like to ride with others on longer more difficult trails. So that is the time to push the boundaries.

    When I am alone I do tend to tell people where abouts I am going and for how long. I also keep in mobile contact however it isn't always possible when you lose you signal.

    As long as your sensible about it, you should be fine - just don't do some crazy stunt and end up stuck in a ditch where no one can hear you!
  • KonaKurtKonaKurt Posts: 720
    Yes, I ride alone 99% of the time. On rare occassions, I will cross paths with some other nice friendly rider, and we ride a section together etc etc. But otherwise I am a cycling loner, and very content with that. I can choose my own pace, breaks, routes, not feel rushed along, not feel slowed down, not have to put up with any constant moaning about the weather or constantly frowning faces, or any constant posing from elitist riders... I can just ride as suits me best on the day, and go with the flow! Sometimes, mobile phones don't work when needed, and occassionaly problems happen, but plenty of common sense, preparation and handy kit in a backpack are all you need for a great day out on your trusty steed!! And because I also partly ride to enjoy the countryside I am in, it is better and more uplifting to enjoy it alone, and escape from the troubles of society... Mother nature is best appriciated alone.

    Also, going for a bladder empty in the woods is less embaressing without other riders around... just watch out for badgers!!

    KK the lonesome cowboy and his white 'horse'
  • SplottboySplottboy Posts: 3,695
    All my rides are done alone, unless I'm teaching a Mtb Leaders course.

    Best compliment I had from another rider: " Do you always ride like this? So fast, I mean."

    This was from an U23 Welsh Squad rider, XC/Road and now an Elite DH rider.
    He was about 19 and I was over 40 !!!
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