Winter training gear. Tights, overshoes etc. What is the bes

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Hello there.

I have been browsing various websites looking for various winter items. I am training for a fairly intense Lands end to John O' Groats trip this summer and was wondering what winter equipment you guys would recommend. I am looking for some tights around the £100 pound mark and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations (are there some that are head and shoulders above the rest or is everything around there pretty similar quality wise?). Also, I thought overshoes/shoecovers might be important on the cold long rides. I am riding around 125-150 miles at a time but as you can probably tell, I am pretty new to winter training. Any help/suggestions?


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    For me, the most important bits of kit are those for the extremities, i.e gloves (Endura stryke), socks (Assos winter plus), shoe covers (Endura), and some form of headwear (old Discovery winter hat!). Sort these out first, then see how much you've got left for bibtights. £100 bibs will be comfortable and good quality, but a cheaper pair will be just as warm. A cheap buff will also keep your neck/chin warm on the really cold days (hopefully not too many more of those :wink: )
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    bit late now

    just grab some DHB bib longs, some windproof gloves, endura road overshoes, a craft long sleeve base layer, and a windproof softshell.

    And a windproof headband.

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    if it improves, switch the softshell for a windproof gilet, arm warmers, a base layer vest, and jersey.
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    I was in the same position this winter and started with the cheap Aldi stuff last autumn to see if I was up for winter riding or not. It was good enough to get me riding all winter and so I started to upgrade. Their overshoes and skull cap were about £5 for both and perform brilliantly (still) and their gloves are windproof enough for £2.99 to be incredible value, although not that breathable as you warm up.

    I bought the DHB Merston long tights that get raved about as my first upgrade, and have been rather disappointed - they fit well but I dont find them warm enough in the <5 deg temps and they have annoying seams and a basic pad. They were replaced today by some Assos Airprotec which are in a different league - in performance and price. I got might massively reduced at my LBS as they were shifting out winter gear so might be worth a look in your LBS as well.
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    My DHB tights are great - warmth isnt a problem if you're doing enough work. All the DHB stuff I've had has been well worth its price and lasted well.

    How are you going to be riding 125 to 150 miles a time if you're new (and have no kit ?)
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    Winter Clothes!!!

    Come on its March 1st!!! SPRING has arrived
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    Tights,Overshoes, 2pairs of socks and Glove with a separate liner are all must haves. Also a good windproof Jacket will keep you warm
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    Your name isn't Chris is it?
    Only a chap where I work is doing this ride and was looking for the items you've mentioned.

    Keep the core of your body warm....and you head/hands/feet. Endura overshoes are great...I use them, Craft and Endura make some nice winter gloves that aren't too bulky to operate the gears/brakes. At the moment I use the free Buff that came with Cycling plus a few issues back under my helmet and it really does the job nicely.
    Bib shorts help keep your lower back warm although they can be a PITA when you wanna pee....and I'm sure you'll being stopping off a fair few times on your long perhaps some shorts and Ronhill Bikesters will be best?
    Wear a close fitting vest, fleece lined jersey and a jacket and that should see you ok. Make sure these upper layers can wick away your sweat.

    This maybe too much info for some but lube your body up too. Nipple chaffing can be a problem....vaseline them. If you use a chamois cream that may help prevent the sores getting in and will prove invaluable on your journey.
    Good luck and be safe.....bright coloured clothing would be a good option!
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    "How are you going to be riding 125 to 150 miles a time if you're new (and have no kit ?)"

    Cos i'm not new to cycling just winter cycling. Rode through Italy France and the Pyrenees last summer at a fairly decent pace.

    Thankyou all for the suggestions, perhaps I will be optimistic and only buy some cheap tights in the hope that it gets warmer soon. [/quote]
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    and no afraid im not chris...