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Upload Garmin to WKO+ ???

hopper1hopper1 Posts: 4,389
First time I've used the 705 with my new Powertap +... How do I get the training file to WKO+ ?
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  • phil sphil s Posts: 1,128
    Plug the 705 into your PC, open up WKO+. Go to the top left hand corner and select the Open File icon. Then go to My Computer, the Garmin should come up as an E or F drive. Double click and then navigate to History. Double click on the day, then the file gets imported (it will say Parsing). Then save it. Simple.
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  • BronzieBronzie Posts: 4,927
    - With WKO+ open in the background, open Windows File Explorer and find the file on the Garmin memory (ie F:/Garmin/History/ folder)
    - Drag this file into WKO+ on your desktop and the file import window will open
    - Select the correct athlete from the dropdown menu and then import the file into the calendar
  • hopper1hopper1 Posts: 4,389
    Brilliant... Thanks guys :wink:
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  • I use a slightly longer method - I export the file from Training Center to a folder on my hard drive. I then copy this to calender on WKO so that I have a folder of Garmin files should I want to use them for anything else.
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