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What lesson have you learned the hard way?



  • delcoldelcol Posts: 2,848
    one from those earley days,,,

    don't try to ride no handed while standing up,,,,
    the tarmac road is harder than you....
  • Steve_FSteve_F Posts: 682
    delcol wrote:
    one from those earley days,,,

    don't try to ride no handed while standing up,,,,
    the tarmac road is harder than you....

    you just needed to practice that one more. I could do that in my youth but would never dare to now!
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  • MastineoMastineo Posts: 182
    Crabs can be caught by cuddling!!!!!!
    "0800 divorce" needs to be on my speed dial.
  • Always make sure a tree isn't rotten when you lean on it !

    Found this out after a gruelling climb and decided to one handed lean against tree at the top, cue it disintegrating and me tumbling down a small cliff and breaking my ankle. Can still hear my mates and brother laughing as i went !
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  • I learned a lesson but, luckily, not the hard way.

    Whilst riding Holmbury Hill, at the weekend, I had to change my rear brake pads (Is that wet sand good at grinding your brakes down, or what?)
    After a fairly quick pitstop, we carried on along the trail and, as we started to go down hill a bit, I applied the brakes gently...
      Lever all the way to the bars I panic a bit Pull the lever again Same result. Frantic pumping of the lever finally primes the brakes and stopping power is restored

    Luckily, we hadn't quite got to 'Barry knows best' so a major pile up was averted.

    If you didn't learn anything today, you weren't paying attention!
  • Always check your front QR is done up tight enough... ... 6#15976476
  • never leave a bike unattended for more than .5 sec in middlesbrough
  • Cadence35Cadence35 Posts: 13
    Always learn how to clip in and out. Very awkward landing = broken arm
  • Mc SmileyMc Smiley Posts: 252
    Riding on the road at night, unless you have biblical lights in peak district with only the moon for ambient light is frightening

    Pot holes on a bike with 1inch tyres feel like a rock garden

    Never underestimate car drivers stupidity and lack of awareness even with a lights on

    In addition to that last point, pulling skids may be fun at 8 but using one to avoid said car and stoppping a foot away may lead to an accelerated heart rate and a little bit of wee.
  • bluechair84bluechair84 Posts: 4,352
    Never hang around a riders blind spot because they won't know your there and you will get a chest full of snot...
  • peter413peter413 Posts: 5,120
    Never think you can lean a bike over hard at high speed on wet grass! :shock: You break your leg in front of all your mates and are off mtbing for 2 months :oops:

    not that I've ever done that :lol:

    thats sarcasim btw
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