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Time Trial Training For the Winter

mab_bakermab_baker Posts: 45
Due to lack of training time I've decided to train for TT's for the year ahead, probably 10 milers with the odd 25 miler. I figure this will be more satisfying compared with attempting and struggling through longer sportives without adequate training.

I train off of 5-7 hours a week. Based on this does anybody have any suggestions on how training should be structured?

I know the general idea is to build base through the winter months and then get into intervals and specific speed/power training come spring time. However I've recently read that this approach isn't necessarily the best for people with limited training hours who should instead aim for quality sessions working at higher intensities in order to shock the body into greater levels of fitness. I think I even read Lance himself has used this approach on occasions. What do people think?


  • simon tsimon t Posts: 132
    5-7 hrs a week is plenty for 10 and 25TT's.i would suggest getting a plan from alex or some GOOD coaching will be worth every penny!
  • There is some debate over the base building stage over winter. Because the ratios of base work to intensity is highly loaded to base, people automatically assume that the intensity quantity drops, but this should rarelybe the case. The intensity workout quantities should stay roughly the same but the number of low intensity base miles increases significantly.
    These then drop off towards competition season when the specific event training kicks in.
    Dropping intensity work in place of base work is the wrong approach and I would bet Lance didn't do this, as is often the case with pros there was probably elements missing from the full picture.
  • simon t wrote:
    i would suggest getting a plan from alex or some GOOD coaching will be worth every penny!

    Good point I hadn't considered the coaching aspect. I guess I was thinking at 5-7 hours a week it would be a waste of time. All too easy to spend money on kit and lose sight of the fact that some of that money would be better spent on coaching to get you performing to the best of your abilities. Are you referring to Alex Simmons or somebody else?
  • karnalikarnali Posts: 703
    could invest in teh time crunched cyclist by chris carmichael it is designed ot fit around your timescales
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