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The lurgy

CheersbigearsCheersbigears Posts: 24
I've got the cold - snot everywhere and can't lie down without getting a blocked nose, and my voice sounds stupid.

It's on it's way out now but i've been off the bike since sunday... I've now got massive guiklt trips about missed sessions and am considering just taking the pain and getting back on the bike - you know the sinuses clear as soon as your outside any way.

Question is when do you know it's time to start again - is it just a heart rate thing?

Should I go and do a 4 Hour hundred to annilate the cold 0 votes

Yes - You'll be a picture of health when you get back 100miles cures all
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No - You daft censored , stay in, your just spreading germs
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  • just getting over a bout myself, feeling better today but still not going to head out until Sunday at the earliest, I hate the idea of putting a few miles in only for the cold to return stronger and put me off the bike for another week. Lots of hot drinks, fresh fruit and rest should do the trick. Seeing England thrash Wales on Saturday should also improve my health as well...
  • Ps "You're" not "Your" (possessive adjective isn't appropriate) ;-)
  • Bloody colds/chest infections drive me mad, had a cold just after Christmas and then a cold/chest infection combo a couple of weeks back. Just can't avoid all these sneezing coughing idiots on the trains....
  • Thanks DHL, your post shows you're at the pinnacle of grammar, I will apply your advice with the appreciation it deserves.

    DLH can I assume you work in the health and safety dapartment of a company - thats the only place where pragmatism plays such a low role that comments like that can be found acceptable.

    Back to thread/pole please, I'm not feeling too good is the inference you should have taken, from the initial post.
  • The dreaded lurgy! The general consensus (from coaches) is that if the symptoms are above the neck eg sore throat, runny nose etc your ok to train at a lower intensity/duration. However, Im a believer in resting your body when ill. If you go out for say 1 hour at an easy intensity your not really going to achieve much in terms of fitness benefits, its more psychological 'it feels good to have done a ride' type feeling. But if you ride you could impair your bodies ability to recover from the illness, hence prolonging the cold. If you completely rest all of your bodies resources go into fighting the infection.

    The fact that you got a cold in the first place suggests that your were slightly run down, stressed, tired etc so you could probably do with the time off. And don't beat yourself up about lost training time, just start back slowly when feeling better and you will soon be back up to speed.......and it is only February, its quite a long season.

    I also have a cold at the mo, spent a week battering the pistes in France, got up at stupid o'clock to get the plane back home. So was fatigued with lack of sleep then got on a germ infested breeding ground we call planes.........hence the cold. Rest!

    Just my thoughts.
  • ^^ Agree, I give a cold at least 3 days before starting back with light 30 minute rides. A Chest infection gets at least a week before doing the same.

    Although I'm carefully monitoring my rest periods, just with *so* many people coughing and sneezing on trains and at work, with the best defences in the world you are likely to catch something.

    By definition if you are training hard enough you are leaving your system vulnerable to catching a virus, goes with the territory sadly it seems.
  • I probably agree with that, but it's just difficult to take the time off when you want to be doing something. I'll probably go for a tootle this afternoon for a couple of hours and then take tommorrow off, that should prove or disprove if i have the cold or not, if it gets worse then it's a lesson learned.

    Regard it only being February, everybody knows that massivly over training in intensity stuff early in the season is the only way to keep up with everybody else - it's a rare racer that doesn't peak in early may, crumble to burnout through the sunny months then appear just at the start of september renewed and ready to get next season started too early.
  • I know it's difficult to take the time off but it's the right thing to do, for your body and your season ahead!

    Yes, a rare racer but a smart one! I made that mistake last year and have learned from it. Hope your cold clears. After 5 days of complete rest mine has improved significantly.

    Forgot to mention in previous post, drink plenty of water, take vitamin c tablet and get a kick censored diet with loads of fruit and veggies, lean protein and good fats. Should do that anyway but even more important when ill me thinks.
  • Nope not H&S, I'm afraid. I teach English in Sicily, where a knowledge of grammar is a vital part of the job. I hope the cold disappears soon.
  • been off the bike for about 3 months with a cold/chest infection. Every time I feel I can go out I last about 20 miles and then my chest explodes. The thought of the time trialling season starting in a few weeks leaves me feeling weak :( WILL I EVER BE A PROPER CYCLIST AGAIN!!!!
  • I currently have a cold too. I went out today for an hour and a half but kept it really easy. You don't want to be pushing too hard when ill. I agree with what has been said about above the neck etc, but the best way of getting better is to just get lots of sleep and rest. I also seem to remember reading once that Beryl Burton was found to have lots of scar tissue on her heart, which may have been caused by training through colds/illnesses.

    This is pretty interesting: ... eous/virus
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