First turbo?

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Ok so I've finally decided to buy a turbo, I've thought about it and talked around it for ages but never bought one.
I always convinced myself I can ride through the winter (and usually manage fairly well)but this years has been a real cow as most of you will know.
Anyway I digress, the good lady has also expressed an interest in using one(and is going to chip in) so I can't really ignore it anymore.
I read the review for the Tacx Sirius Gel folding magnetic and it sounds pretty good, I have seen it at £120 so not too dear.
So guys is it really as good as they say it is (for a 1st turbo), will I need a 'block' for the front wheel?
Do I need a specific rear tyre?
I/we will be using the turbo in the conservatory on a laminate floor over concrete.
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  • Simon1890
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    I don't know much about the model you have asked about so i can't advise on that but...

    DEFINATELY get a block for the front wheel...i'm sure you can get one that has different angles for your fornt wheel as well....i spent 4 months using my turbo without a front block and it caused me all sorts of problems with posture and pain....

    You can get specific indoor trianer back wheel tyres but i don't currently use one, simply because i only have one rear wheel and don't want to be changing the tyre often!!! But i've heard they are good and in the long run may save you money on tyres.

    Be aware of noise....these things can be loud and annoying in a enclosed space because of it....also make sure you find something to relieve the monotomy of turbo can be really boring!!!

    Good luck.
  • I've just bought an Elite Crono: stable, quiet, adjustable resistance you can twiddle from the handlebar, cost about £160 I think. My first one too, not quite got the hang of it yet and didnt get a front wheel block but def need one as it feels like a steep descent all the time while pedalling uphill which is a bit wierd.
  • chrisw12
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    Yellow pages cut to size.

    Old cheap tyre, the ones that come with a bike are good for this.

    Then buy/find a cheap rear wheel to use with the money you saved.

    If you've got to use the same tyre out as in then be careful. The tyre will wear quicker. square off and will be left with a film of silver which gives poor grip for the first mile or two. At least that's what happened to me.
  • rjh299
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    I use a cheap wheel with indoor trainer tyre. I wouldn't use my current road wheel and tyre on trainer. If you're going to the effort of getting new wheel, spend another £15 and get trainer tyre aswell.
  • I will be using a bike specific for the turbo an old 531 plain gauge early 80's Wilson, I intend to make it as adjustable as possible as the good lady also intends to use it, but chances are it will just be me!
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  • Two other things I suggest you need are towels to drape over the bike to catch the copious amounts of sweat you will generate and stop your frame and components corroding and a big fan - as in something that goes round rather than someone to cheer you on - to try and reduce the amount of said sweat!
  • I have a big multispeed/ directional fan in there for summer so that's ok, towel seems a good idea.
    being a reformed stuntdrinker allows pontification