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A question about sugar....

bristolpetebristolpete Posts: 2,255
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Simple question.

Who takes sugar in their hot drinks...?


  • redddraggonredddraggon Posts: 10,862
    As of this year I have cut sugar out of my coffee (must have milk in the coffee though).

    I used to love a sugary coffee, but I don't miss the sugar anymore at all.
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  • Me, which is why I've stopped drinking coffee/tea altogether. The calories from 9 or 10 cappuccinos a week soon add up.
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  • HeadhuunterHeadhuunter Posts: 6,494
    Never. There's nothing more revolting than sugary coffee or tea.
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  • guv001guv001 Posts: 688
    Always - Theres nothing better than a sweet cup of Coffee or Tea.
  • PokerfacePokerface Posts: 7,960
    5 sugars in my tea. 2 in coffee.

    But I use sweeteners - not actual sugar. 8)
  • pianomanpianoman Posts: 706
    Does anyone use it in a hot drink before the start of a Duathlon to:

    1. Keep themselves warm (with the drink)
    2. Last minute energy boost (before the run)?

    Just planning a fuelling strategy for an upcoming event that's all :P
  • bristolpetebristolpete Posts: 2,255
    Cheers all,

    I have been weening myself off sugar, but like my hot drinks with it.

    Pianoman, I always have a coffee before a big ride.

    Oddly, I also sing in an AC/DC covers band and drinking a hot coffee helps my vocal chords open up no end...!


  • bristolpetebristolpete Posts: 2,255
    Pokerface wrote:
    5 sugars in my tea. 2 in coffee.

    But I use sweeteners - not actual sugar. 8)

    But that stuff is deadly - no ?
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    I use sweetener.
  • iain_jiain_j Posts: 1,941
    Tea. No sugar except when stopping for a cuppa on a ride. Can't stand the taste of sugary tea normally, but love it when I'm feeling knackered near the end of a ride.

    Need a sugary coffee first thing in the morning, but afterwards I have it without. That's fresh ground coffee btw - as for instant coffee, the more sugar the better to mask the vile taste!
  • ravey1981ravey1981 Posts: 1,111
    2 in both tea and coffee
  • da gooseda goose Posts: 284
    None.....sugar in green tea...come on now....
    Think you will find artificial sweetners are the worst thing around if you must ues anything then sugar/honey the best but as stated a few spoons here and there adds calories over the weeks you can`t taste the drink. :oops:
  • PokerfacePokerface Posts: 7,960
    Pokerface wrote:
    5 sugars in my tea. 2 in coffee.

    But I use sweeteners - not actual sugar. 8)

    But that stuff is deadly - no ?

    Probably - but what isn't these days!? 8)

    Artificial sweetener is an acquired taste. I don't take milk in my tea or coffee - so my ultra sweet tea is more like a 'hot iced tea' than the tea most of you drink. I didn't grow up in the UK drinking tea so my cultural experience when it comes to this is somewhat skewed.

    Anyway - I had to shop around before finding an artificial sweetener that I liked and that didn't taste horrible (to me).

    Still better than mass amounts of sugar every day! (Maybe that's why I've never had a cavity or filling). 8)
  • chrisw12chrisw12 Posts: 1,246
    This thread has made me feel much better.

    As a child I used to have my tea quite weak with 5 sugars in it, the tea would be saturated. I also had a habit of letting it go cold. When i went to other people's houses and got offered the inevitable cupa, when I'd ask for my 5 sugars and then le it go cold, it would always end up in a lecture/discussion. In the end I just got fed up with the whole thing so I just gave up drinking the stuff. As an adult I feel terrible about that decision, why should I have bowed down to other people's views of me.

    So I'm relieved that there are others who use so much sugar and I'm also relieved that I gave it up although for the wrong reasons.

    I'm now a Coke cola addict though :twisted:
  • smithy1.0smithy1.0 Posts: 439
    Black tea - 1 sugar, no milk.

    Coffee - usually black, no sugar - I don't drink much of it though.

    I usually have 1-2 cups of tea day. Coffee, perhaps at the weekend, when I will make some of the "real" stuff. No dairy/milk for me due to lactose intolerance. There's all of 15 calories in a teaspoon of sugar. For those of you that are trying to loose weight, that's hardly going to affect weight loss goals, especially if you are putting the miles in. Better to satisfy a sweet tooth with a sugar in your tea/coffee than to chow down a stack of buscuits.
  • pst88pst88 Posts: 621
    Usually no sugar in tea or coffee because I think it makes thwe drink taste horrible. I've occasionally experimented with sugar in coffee when I feel I need an extra boost at work but can't really stand it. Have to add an extra spoon of instant coffee to conteract the taste of the sugar!
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