Does AVERAGE SPEED on your computer matter to YOU...?



  • Gav888
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    I used to live by it, but since ive bought my Edge 305 I dont even look at it whilst im out, I just make sure im in the right zones etc. I give it a look when I get in when checking the rest of my data, but thats it now.

    Too many variables to train by average speed alone.
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  • In er peloton, 30mph. Solo I a do 24. Sometimes go to 23 if a no espresso.

    come il digiuno la fa va con un colpo di EPO :lol:
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  • dennisn
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  • dennisn
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  • JimmyK
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    In er peloton, 30mph. Solo I a do 24. Sometimes go to 23 if a no espresso.

    30 mph average :roll: have you a 125cc engine hidden on your bike ?
  • Never, it's irrelevant and misleading. For training - power and HR only. For just riding around - who cares, enjoy the scenery!
  • average speed on your rides is the most important reading, along with hr
  • milese
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    I pay attention to it when riding.

    Its motivational - keeps you working hard chasing something that you can measure. When you post a good average you feel good. When you post a bad average you blame the conditions.

    It keeps you company when riding alone. Its something to look at and think about other than pain. It can also be a reason for the pain if your really competitive like myself and can race your average time. Looking down on a big hill and seeing 8mph on the speedo destroying your average speed is enough of a motivation to give it some more.

    We all know it needs to be taken with a pinch of salt because of the variables, but that doesn't stop it from being a very cheap and easy tool.
  • flix23
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    Quite agree Milese, I find working to an add an extra km to my average speed (or not losing a km off it) adds interest to commutes or other boring rides and certainly helps build my fitness. Effectively I'm always racing myself.

    I don't compare average speeds from different rides though - purely use it as I'm going along.
  • i dont have my ave speed on my computer any more while i,m riding as like some other people i used to be obsessed with it to the extent that i,d push myself too hard and get back hot, knackered and not really having enjoyed the ride,now i just look at it when i get back and usually ive gone better than i thought sometimes worse but i,d much rather do 30-50 miles at 17 -18mph and enjoy it than try to push it towards 19-20mph like i used to which i can do but i just dont want or need to these days
  • on the Flat I can maintain around 22-25mph (when i am comfortable) today I pushed it and got to 33mph for a brief time (about 5minutes) but it was horrible having my legs spinning that quick lol

    Average over a ride tho..... well thats dependant on too many conditions, todays ride was very hilly and way too much traffic and junctions so the overall average was 13mph. What as a whole is not too bad.

    yes I got to go fast all the time. I like the feeling :D
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