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Seatpost clamp size- Kona Kula Primo

funkyjamsfunkyjams Posts: 19
edited April 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
HI- I need to replace the seatpost clamp on my 2005 Kona Kula Primo (scandium). The post is 27.2mm, and I was told I'd need a 31.8 clamp. Tried a Woodman one but it's too large and won't tighten around the tube enough.
Digital calipers give the tube an outer diameter of around 30.7-30.8mm, but I can't seem to find a standard size between 30.0 and 31.8?


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    it will be 31.8 as the seat tube is not shaped and you have a band on mech so it has to be one of the three standard sizes.
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  • twgreenetwgreene Posts: 1
    Did you get a seat clamp figured out funkyjams? I'm buying a Kula Supreme frame and I want to put a quick release on it, but I don't know what size to order. It looks like Kona makes their clamp in a 30.7mm size. Is that the only clamp that will work with this frame?
  • funkyjamsfunkyjams Posts: 19
    Hey- sorry for the delay. Yes I have a 30.7 for this frame and it fits perfectly, Picked up a KCNC scandium one on ebay. Enjoy the Kona!
  • funkyjamsfunkyjams Posts: 19
    There have been some QR ones on ebay too- let me know if you need help tracking one down. Cheers
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