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bomber 33 TST 2 coil - 2009

gustiegustie Posts: 118
edited September 2010 in MTB workshop & tech

ive tried marzochi site... but not very helpful here...

my mates bomber 33 TST 2 coil, are VERY hard to compress and he needs to know how to change the preload

the rebound is the black knob on one of the fork legs and the only other knob is the progressive lock out on one leg top... the other leg has a blue bit that can be moved with a spanner and there is a rubber bung with an allen key head inside it

how to do set the preload on these? he aint getting much travel at all and they are rock solid



  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    seems that the allen head on the top of the left leg is the preload adjuster.

    Make sure that the lock out is also turned off and the adjuster under the cap is adjusted suitably.
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  • gustiegustie Posts: 118

    will pass this on and report back

  • spuddlespuddle Posts: 61
    Does anyone know where i can get a service manual for these forks?
  • gustiegustie Posts: 118
    i tried the UK site - says "no manual present at this time" that sucks!!


    the only stuff i could find was this ... idMY=56330
  • joshtpjoshtp Posts: 4,329
    they could have hydro locked, its a common problem with tst2 dampers.....
    zocchi tell you its a new damper, or a factory service, this is a load of poo, its actually a very easy job... if you want ill send you instruc's....
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  • gustiegustie Posts: 118
    id like those instructions please - could be very handy thanks
  • joshtpjoshtp Posts: 4,329
    OK, well scene as there are no official instructions, and i only know how to do it from personal trial and error and experimenting.
    so, ill try and do a decent description, and maybe get some pics asap, but im busy at the mo, so it may be a couple of days, sorry! hope thats not too much of an issue, ill PM you when iv got it sorted....
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  • gustiegustie Posts: 118

    sorry have you managed to do this instruction help thing? thanks
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