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richgundryrichgundry Posts: 5
I'm taking part in the Scope London to Paris 24 hour ride in July.

As a novice cyclist - has anyone got a great training tips for me?

Plus - if you fancy helping out, why not donate to Scope at


  • BronzieBronzie Posts: 4,927
    If you are completely new to cycling, you’ll make big gains (at least initially) just by getting out and riding your bike as much as possible………..with the proviso that you gradually increase your weekly mileage (or time spent riding). Rough rule of thumb is to keep your week-on-week increase below 10%.

    Try and ride as many days of the week as possible (even if only for 30 mins or so to start with) rather than trying to do one long ride on a weekend (and then spend Mon-Wed recovering from it).

    Once you get to the point that you feel you are ready to progress to the next level, then investigate structured training with a heart rate monitor or power measurement.
  • RonBRonB Posts: 3,984
    Rich. +1 with regard to Bronzie's post. Most of your success on the day will be down to you and the training you're able to do prior to the event.

    Apologies if the next bit is stating the obvious but I just wonder what about your current set-up? This will have a big influence as well, so don't compromise too much on your bike... a reasonably light, road bike/ wheels and narrow tyres could make things a whole lot easier.
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