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Turbo trainer or Rollers..?

Hunterg46Hunterg46 Posts: 133
Which is likely to benefit me more? Or does it make no difference? :)


  • redddraggonredddraggon Posts: 10,862
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  • ScrumpleScrumple Posts: 2,665
  • It'll make no difference if you can generate the same power on rollers... Although hitting 400W on rollers is NOT advised :p :P :P
  • amaferangaamaferanga Posts: 6,789
    If you can only have one then I'd say turbo, unless that is you get rollers with added resistance. Rollers are good, but there's less variation in what you can do on them. Crucially you can't do low cadence work (unless you have the added resistance or you find churning out 150W challenging).
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  • jocksyboyjocksyboy Posts: 135
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  • Hunterg46Hunterg46 Posts: 133
    hmmm well i already have variable resistor rollers, but if find i have to average around 90-95 cadence just to stay balanced!

    But I've been looking at turbo trainer and it just looks so much easier :D

    Are they hard to set up though? Doesn't involve removing your back wheel and some other stuff.... ?
  • Easier in the sense that you are in a static position, but training sessions won't be easier on them. Besides, why would you want them to be?!

    They are relatively easy to set up and no you don't need to remove your rear wheel.
  • Hunterg46 wrote:
    hmmm well i already have variable resistor rollers, but if find i have to average around 90-95 cadence just to stay balanced!
    Isn't that one of the benefits of using rollers though?
  • Hunterg46Hunterg46 Posts: 133
    I suppose, but it does mean i can't last very long :?
    i'd prefer a longer, but slightly gentler, ride
  • I've got both. I find the Turbo tedious in the extreme unless I'm doing intervals even then 5 minutes takes an hour to pass. I've got new rollers and am loving them so much I've completely filled my Walkman with "ridin" music just for a reason to keep pedalling. Spending 90-120 mins on them is a breeze. I even get out of the saddle regularly and grabbing drinks & mopping sweat is just practice in staying upright. Turbos make me want to go outside in the rainjavascript:emoticon(':cry:')
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  • Hunterg46Hunterg46 Posts: 133
    Yeah iv'e found that my limit lies not in my endurance, but my patience. I'm not sure how you can do over 90 mins at a time! I givve up after about 45 :? I tend to watch the tv (or a film or something) while cycling but it really affects my concentration and has led to a few crashes :D also i find when a cycling tv i tend to cycle in rythem with the peloton! however i also unintentionally turn with them aswell and that ends up nasty... :?

    And try rollers with a fan facing you, and that tends to reduce the sweat problem :)
  • I got some rollers, they're quite interesting for a static bike.

    I use them for intervals when it's impossible to get out (say 2 x 20 mins). Can't say I'd want do more than that on any static bike.

    With rollers you have to stay focused, otherwise you fall off. Balancing and how lumpy my pedal stroke was were the first things I noticed.

    I got bored on a turbo the only time I tried one.

    Personally I'd rather be out there.
  • GiantMikeGiantMike Posts: 3,139
    Never tried rollers, but the turbo can be OK if you have sufficient motivation and stimulation. My longest session was 55 mins, but it's just so boring and so easy to stop.
  • Hunterg46Hunterg46 Posts: 133
    Agreed. I just lack the motivation to carry on over 30-45mins :?

    Nothing beats the real thing...
  • Rollers consume much less electricity compared to a turbo.
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