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weird HR spikes on recovery

neebneeb Posts: 4,361
I noticed today when doing intervals that there is a little spike in my HR just after one of the periods of near maximum exertion. I thought it was just a glitch in the HR monitor, until I looked at the graph from an identical session I did just over a year ago, and it has the same spike in exactly the same place!! Here are the relevant bits of the two graphs (HR is the reddish line at the top, power green, cadence blue). The exertions are for 30secs and the recovery periods for 1min (the horizontal scale is distance, not time), so the spikes are maybe 15 secs after the penultimate period of exertion.

I've noticed these spikes on graphs before, but it was just seeing these in the same place that made me think they are real rather than a glitch.

I read something somewhere suggesting that it was normal (something to do with adrenaline lagging behind the other cardiovascular regulatory mechanisms) but it would be nice to know that other people have this too... :wink:

Also - would it be a reasonable bet that the spike represents something near my absolute max HR?

18th Jan 2010

17th Dec. 2008
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