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AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 28,799
Due to the weather and lack of funds for a turbo trainer, I have been back down the gym. I have been doing sessions on the life fitness gymbikes down there but I was just wondering about the comparison between turbo's and gymbikes. According to the readouts, I am maintaining 290 watts for an hour at between 90-100 rpm after warming up etc. The set up isn't ideal but I think it is better than nothing until the ice disappears from Kent, I think I have no choice.

I have been doing intervals aswell, all seated, really just wondering how the gymbike compares with turbo workouts ?



  • hopper1hopper1 Posts: 4,708
    I'm riding a gym bike, because that's my only option when at work.
    The one I use reads about +/- 135 Watts at 95rpm. Theeffort feels very similar to my turbo ride at home, but on my turbo at this same percieved effort, I show around200 Watts.
    So, the gym bike is wrong, but at least it's consistently wrong.
    I just do tempo rides, or intervals according to percieved effort.
    I'll knuckle down and do some proper training when I'm home again. :wink:
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