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London to Paris - Advice

Mott34Mott34 Posts: 4
Hi Guys,

A group of us are riding to Paris in May, not part of an organised tour/group just independently. Will be Breaking it up over 4 days;

75 miles - London to Dover
then 3 consecutive days of around 56 miles per day, last day hopefully arriving into Paris!

We're all fairly fit and have been doing 20+ rides fairly regularly, but haven't done rides of this distance on consecutive days.

Just after some training tips or general advice if anyone has previously done this ride before?

Any help would be great.



  • BhimaBhima Posts: 2,145
    It's easily achievable with enough training.

    Get used to doing the distance basically. Do as many 75 mile rides as possible. Don't worry if you can't do them fast. That'll come with more training and more 75 mile rides. Increase the distances of your rides slowly though. Jumping in at the deep end is a bad idea.
  • PokerfacePokerface Posts: 8,640
    It's actually not all that hard. Build up your distance over time/gradually. Get used to riding back to back to back days. Don't kill yourself - just ease into it.

    I did the ride a few years ago and there were people on it from all cycling backgrounds - some of whom probably had not ridden a bike before!
  • oldwelshmanoldwelshman Posts: 4,733
    I also did it with a total mixture of people!!
    Some wannabee racers some normal.
    One couple I met were 65+ and rode the entire ride in sandals !!
    Another girl never rode a bike over 3 miles and bought a hybrid bike the day before !!
    So if your doing 20miles plus, just do a 50 miler on weekends and the odd 70 miler, you wil;l be fine.
  • 4 days is plenty of time. Did it 3 years ago over 3 days with a mixed group - none of us on road bikes: I had my old Marin hybrid, and 2 guys were on hardtail MTBs. We all took paniers or daysacs with our gear.

    Training was a few good rides - 35 miles + - around the Surrey Hills over the mnths before we went.

    I think the key to our success was agreeing as a group the routine we would do. First 2 days were 60 miles each, and the 3rd was 100 miles. Two of us shared pace duties and it really didn't hurt.

    Like the others say, get some solid miles under your belt and you'll be fine. remember it's not a race, and stay steady...
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